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ZanyDragons t1_jd18pqg wrote

Same, if I tested for THC at my job I’d be fired but I have prescription pain medication that’s some days way stronger than I’d like (Ie sometimes I feel foggy and drowsy for an entire day afterwards) I don’t take the “big gun” pain meds more often than maybe once every 3-6 months, I’m fairly stable in my pain management unless my immune system goes crazy and I get really sick or I’ve pushed myself far beyond what I should’ve essentially, but I hate the cloud of mental fog following it around for sooo long afterwards.

As far as I’m concerned I’m all for medical research trying to make new pain meds, anti nausea meds, or muscle relaxers outta the stupid plant that fit a middle ground of pain relief between “900 mg of advil isn’t working at all” and “completely unconscious for 6 hours.” But 🙄 yknow.