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Exile688 t1_jd28qh1 wrote

If the lobbyists get their way, old people's vote won't matter when the politicians change the laws to take their weed away. At that point they can go back to pills and shots or they can get the boot to their necks.

I've watched enough documentaries following weed dispensaries to know that all it takes is one law passed by any of the state, local mayor/city, the county, etc. to shut the whole thing down.

The only thing that will fight the pharma money is the big tobacco companies lobby money when they finally decide they want their share of the market.


ragingbologna t1_jd2gfs8 wrote

Illinois has set up the perfect grift (limiting licensing for dispensaries) and these rich assholes will never give up their cash cow.


HolyCloudNinja t1_jd2pfqk wrote

New Jersey is doing it too. A local applicant was approved in November of last year to look for retail space, but not even open. Just recently he was finally able to find retail space zoned properly that his conditional license would be valid in. The process is not only ridiculously lengthy and municipality-dependent in the state (townships were allowed to say no to retail stores when legalization started), and it's all based on arbitrary licensing approval in the first place. They claim they do so much for minorities with the program but outside of an individual or two, almost every dispensary, rec or med, is owned by a multi-state company.


dangitbobby83 t1_jd3btax wrote

In Illinois. I’ve switched to smoke shop cannabis. They even sell flower now - so much cheaper than “real” weed here. Where I lived we just finally opened a new dispensary, making the third one here. I’m hoping this will create a bit of a price war and lower some of the prices overall.


flavius_lacivious t1_jd3vpth wrote

I live in a legal weed state and go to a dispensary that’s been open over a year. There is a line out the door.

I don’t know if anyone who doesn’t use weed unless their jobs or medications prohibit it.