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rollerska8er t1_jczamcn wrote

Caveat: The City of London is 1.1 square miles in area. It should not be confused with the Greater London Built-Up Area, which is more than 650 square miles in area, and is what most people mean when they say "London".

Still great to see, but just something to be aware of.


ledow t1_jczmfjl wrote

To be honest, you'd have to be mad to try to drive a car through "The City Of" during the day anyway, for at least the last... what? 15, 20 years?


rollerska8er t1_jd0397l wrote

But people do!


ledow t1_jd050qj wrote

I swear that's just as a status symbol.

"Look at me, I can afford to drive through London at a snail's pace and pay through the nose for the pleasure of doing so, then be unable to park even at enormous expense"


seakingsoyuz t1_jd2yq1e wrote

It’s the modern version of Freemen of the City driving sheep over London Bridge just because they can.


evillman t1_jd0k036 wrote

Yeah. But It feels like saying there are more bicycles than cars in my garage.


nyanlol t1_jd0m8fv wrote

is there some reason it's so oddly specific or is it just brits being weird


andstuff13 t1_jd0sb11 wrote

City of London is the financial district of London. It's where all the biggest office buildings are. So this is saying that in that neighborhood where lots of people commute to every day, there are more bikes than cars.

London itself is a sprawling city, that extends from the urban Central London (which is what most people think of when they hear London) all the way out to suburban homes.


CB1984 t1_jd1z177 wrote

It's essentially a local council area. There's also the city of Westminster next door (although that's a bit bigger). Most parts of London are called "London Borough Council." It's basically the area that London used to be under the Romans.


Aalnius t1_jd2o1dv wrote

there reason is to tax dodge essentially. Its allowed its own laws (to an extent) which means its heavily used to funnel money to tax havens.