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haterhurter1 t1_jd3fpob wrote

puma and under armour are both very nice to do this but also smart, this kid might be big enough to get sponsored and if so will surely remember this.


Mississimia t1_jd3t35a wrote

6'10 with size 23 feet, and he plays on the JV football team.

Must be tough to be a kid on the opposing team.


phatelectribe t1_jd3yujz wrote

He’s 14. Kid is going to be growing for another 5 years at least.


DaTree3 t1_jd3xnk9 wrote

God and he isn’t a skinny kid either. He ain’t done growing yet…shit


missmarymak t1_jd48erj wrote

I think this is gonna be my child, off the charts for everything and his feet are huuuuuuuuge


Razza_Haklar t1_jd3p0ek wrote

you know what they say about guys with big feet,

they need big shoes


Talmaska t1_jd3kvge wrote

I didn't here about this story. Size 23?!?! Are you sure this is not a person and is in fact a Silver-Back gorilla?


Natural_Ad8228 t1_jd49bvo wrote

Defensive tackle? Come on coach, I don’t care how slow he is. This is your tight end.


Affectionate-Roof285 t1_jd4wt22 wrote

He probably accounts for all the “Bigfoot prints”found throughout Michigan. 🤣


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Aines t1_jd67mij wrote

Are custom shoes something that nobody does in the US, but big companies, or are just excessively expensive? Like, shoemaker with their own shop you can go to and have a custom shoe made.


Tobias_Atwood t1_jd7t9tt wrote

I once saw a pair of size 14 shoes at walmart. It was like spotting a unicorn.


cKMG365 t1_jd4bptd wrote

My wife and I have a similar problem sourcing shoes for our son. He wears sizd 19 FFFF at present. We can find them, but it's not easy.


LynnNexus t1_jd812bq wrote

I feel you so hard... like... No where near that big (yet T_T) but my hubs wears 15's... I have 2 boys... The 18yo wears 16's and the 14yo wears 13's so I'm suspecting he might well end up at 16-17 with how his brother went. I count my blessings that we've got a big and tall store locally because buying shoes online has -never- worked out for us.


cKMG365 t1_jd826ew wrote

We have "The Shoe Box" in Black Earth, WI about an hour's drive from us.

My son is a medical giant, 7-feet tall and over 500lbs. Getting ANY clothing items for him is a challenge. He's literally the largest human you've ever seen.


LynnNexus t1_jd835dc wrote

Bruh... That's crazy! And here I call my eldest a moose, you literally have a moose...


cloudsfive t1_jd6ychb wrote

For a moment I thought the headline said he has 23 feet.