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theangryburrito t1_jd4iefd wrote

Hey my sprycel is only 12k a month.


PocketDeuces t1_jd66xaw wrote

I was on sprycel as well for a couple years. Made it to treatment free remission after a scary pleural effusion. How's it treating you?


theangryburrito t1_jd6a5eq wrote

So far so good. I am getting for AML after chemo which seems to be a fairly newish use for it. I have been on it for 6 months and will stay on it for 6 more. Compared to the chemo, Sprycel ain’t bad at all.

Congrats on your remission.


PocketDeuces t1_jd6ajcp wrote

Glad to hear that. I didn't know that they give sprycel for AML. I have CML, and it's a common treatment for that.

Watch out for pleural effusion. If you have any trouble breathing, let your doctor know asap. Often times a 50mg dose works as well as 100, but without as many side effects.


1jdog1 t1_jd6cw07 wrote

Do you not have insurance? My copay for Sprycel was 3k a bottle. But there was manufacturers assistance that brought it down to nothing.


theangryburrito t1_jd6i6s3 wrote

I do, I was just giving the list price. I am very fortunate and pay $15/month out of pocket.


1jdog1 t1_jd6lg4o wrote

Oh OK that seems much more reasonable