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30% for AML seems good.

If you look at the metric of pathologist workflow and number of times we have to present at tumor boards…KMT2a leukemias are often a lotta work. Induction chemo often doesn’t work well. They recur all the time. They can be 20-30% of pediatric ALL that doesn’t respond to CAR-T (cell based therapy seen in the news for dramatic effect and obscene cost). If you could precondition patients with this type of leukemia before CAR-T more might be eligible.

Many of the patients aren’t healthy enough for a haircut either, so any treatment that doesn’t often kill em in the process (marrow transplant) is especially good.


JamesIgnatius27 t1_jd54p2c wrote

I appreciate your knowledge on the subject!

I have a biology PhD but I'm not a cancer specialist by any means. I just try to read the actual science whenever an article like this gets posted to reddit to give a more realistic assessment of the findings.



Reddits lucky to have someone like you summarize this stuff!

You’d get a kick out of KMT2a. The protein is..3700? residues, has a heap of domains, and gets cleaved into two, something like a 320kD and 180kD. The pull-down assays bring down a ton of things where many of the proteins correspond to mutations seen in cancer. Crystal structure was apparently a challenge.