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LadyMirkwood t1_jd5mft0 wrote

Lost my dad to CML when I was 4. I'm 40 now and am always heartened when they make progress with a cure.


PocketDeuces t1_jd66sjb wrote

I'm sorry to hear about your father, that's awful.

I've been living with CML since 2007. Today there's are a number of treatments that basically didn't exist before 1999. The breakthrough drug is called Gleevec, and now there are several generations of treatments beyond that. I feel lucky to have been diagnosed when I was. A decade earlier and I there's a good chance I wouldn't be here today.


xaogypsie t1_jd6brd8 wrote

CML also here, since 2005. I relapsed on gleevec about 13 years ago, but I've been doing pretty well on Sprycel. Glad to hear you are doing well.


PocketDeuces t1_jd6bxau wrote

Thanks! Glad to hear you're doing well too! Watch out for that PE!


xaogypsie t1_jd6ddyd wrote

Yeah, I had pleural effusion about two years ago. It went away after stopping and then resuming at a lower dose. Absolutely sucked, especially with the pandemic in full swing (not a good time to have your lungs compromised). Thankfully, I'm in the clear for now.


LadyMirkwood t1_jd79x7m wrote

Thank you. I'm so glad there have been advances, options for my dad were so limited.

And I'm also so happy that you and other people with CML are doing so much better now x


Harpertoo t1_jd6culx wrote

I was diagnosed 2 years ago with CML at age 28. Every day when I take my tasigna I try to appreciate how much of a miracle TKIs are. I'm alive partly because of your father. ❤️