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Phatcat15 t1_jd60nvs wrote

It’s crazy my Dad has had Leukemia for 8 or so years now??? Maybe a bit longer? It constantly comes back but he did an experimental treatment at Dana Farber when he was diagnosed and he’s the only 1/300 people still alive. My mom is not doing quite so well with throat cancer - currently on her 2nd round of chemo and it’s really not looking good. It’s pretty adorable watching my leukemia dad take care of my cancer mom… but damn the big C can go suck a bag of dicks.

Watched the Fungi documentary on Netflix recently - was amazed to hear that there are some mushrooms out there that can fight back against cancer - or more accurately - amplify your defenses exponentially.


Pixielo t1_jd6255u wrote

I'm sorry that this is happening to your family, and I wish you peace, and strength.

Fuck cancer.


Phatcat15 t1_jd6403w wrote

Thanks friend… it’s kind of been a big fuck you from life lately but we have lots of family support and doing our best. I just pray it’s not the one two punch that happens sometimes when married couples lose a partner and the other follows shortly after. It’s going to be a rough time either way but there are so many people that have to deal with this - I’m just lucky I’m 38 and I’ve had them in my life that whole time.


skyysdalmt t1_jd65ue4 wrote

You have one more internet stranger hoping the best for your family.


itsgabrielsimao t1_jd6ardt wrote

Technically cancer is your own body fighting against itself.


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itsgabrielsimao t1_jd6ckbu wrote

Not invalidating whatever you said. Enhancing the body’s ability to defend itself against cancer cells is a great way to fight it.


Phatcat15 t1_jd6ij38 wrote

Fair enough - seemed abrasive without the additional context. I take back what I said.


MrLinderman t1_jd865ev wrote

Glad to hear your dad is doing well! I probably worked on that trial and with his doctor. The leuk docs at DFCI are the Babe Ruths of leukemia.

Any chance you remember what the treatment was?