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Extension-Ad-2760 t1_jd6tdng wrote

I think this is going to be the future

It'll be expensive initially, but that will change with time


Insighteternal t1_jd67ys2 wrote

It’s the meat that can’t be beat!


CBreezer t1_jd9wl1j wrote

Just wait until someone makes jerk GOOD meat. The jokes write themselves from that point


Dirks_Knee t1_jd7rdsc wrote

I wonder if their patent for "Immortalized cell lines for virus growth" has any research relationship to the Henrietta Lacks cells.


Immortan_Joe-mama t1_jd9c9c0 wrote

> The generation of immortalized cell lines (cells that > will proliferate indefinitely), is described in the > now-expired US Patent 5,672,485.

Is this...a tumor?


SNK_24 t1_jd9xbw3 wrote

Sounds like cancer but anyway we like meat, later we’ll see if eating cancer cells is bad for humans.


theluckyfrog t1_jdarri7 wrote

It really isn't "cancer", but even if it were, the cells you eat get digested down to their amino acids so they cease to be anything by the time they enter you.


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thereisacowlvl t1_jda2u9e wrote

Idk how to feel about this. Is it good? Is it bad? What prevents the food from continuing to grow? What keeps the cells that tell it to grow to stop? This seems like the start of a horror movie and im not willing to be a lab rat


theluckyfrog t1_jdaryu9 wrote

Removal from the lab medium stops it from growing. But if that somehow DIDN'T, cooking and/or your stomach acid would do a pretty good job.


atxhater4 t1_jd8wtia wrote

All Negative comments will be removed and will possibly result in a ban...... pathetic


Mtnskydancer t1_jd6bmou wrote

Laid off 18 percent of staff in the plant based egg side? The one we can buy now?


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HarkARC t1_jd897gy wrote

As opposed to the cancer causing real meat that we all know and love


CBreezer t1_jd9wvlk wrote

You're right... Lemme get you another Big Mac, you got me.


[deleted] t1_jd9ze5r wrote



CBreezer t1_jda4u92 wrote

Oh, I'm sure I can find some cancer causing crap somewhere in what you eat, be sure of that.


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oregonspruce t1_jd827sr wrote

Ultra processed food is healthy for you now I guess


Vengefuleight t1_jd8v92b wrote

Let’s not pretend the industry farmed beef we buy is some clean eatin’