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Phuckingphilly t1_jdd0xjn wrote

Thought I was looking at 2 pictures of the same 2 girls for a second


austin_ave t1_jdd2v5v wrote

Dude, same lol, I was like which one is the new picture?


Responsible_Cut_7022 t1_jde2m47 wrote

The funny thing is that the two middle girls are preteens and the two others are adults. They all look like they could be in class together though.


Whend6796 t1_jdfccf1 wrote

Okay. That’s it. I am checking IDs from now on. And I don’t sell liquor.


CaptainChaos74 t1_jddu7q1 wrote

They all look the same age. I would struggle to tell which ones are the "women" and which ones the "girls".


ohhellnooooooooo t1_jde8kwd wrote

Save it for the judge handcuff-emoji


Caelinus t1_jdf972a wrote

I have the same problem with being able to tell these days, but for me it just means that people between 18-23ish look like high schoolers to me now.

Thankfully that is a turn off. I don't get why people fetishize youth so much. My ideal age for attraction has so far been heavily based on a range around my own age. As I have gotten older the range has expanded, but it is always trending older.


DeadTime34 t1_jdgiq2o wrote

Why do people fetishize anything though, human sexuality is still such a mystery lol


kidantrum t1_jde3uej wrote

You can normally see the difference in the details. The 2 girls in the middle have softer facial features while the women on the outer left and outer right have a more defined face.


Itsjeancreamingtime t1_jddt221 wrote

The women that rescued the 11 year olds are on the far left and far right according to the photo caption.


nothxshadow t1_jdeukjf wrote

What the hell. So 2 of those are "women" and 2 are 11?? tfff


MiklaneTrane t1_jdfk3vm wrote

The article isn't that clear, but I think this incident happened two years ago in 2021 and the photo is recent. So the two girls in the middle were 11 at the time but are ~13 now, and the rescuers are now 19 and 20 but would've been 17 and 18 at the time.


Dan-D-Lyon t1_jdei4md wrote

I think they might have been saved by themselves from the future


WORKING2WORK t1_jdei5id wrote

The pair on the left are the ones depicting them in the docu-drama, the pair on the right are the real people involved. /s


917caitlin t1_jdg7qad wrote

Right it’s like their future selves travelled back in time to save their past selves


gme186 t1_jdglyss wrote

nr1 is mom of nr3.

nr4 is mom of nr2


DurgaThangai69 t1_jdfzg3g wrote

I thought these were before after transformations, after breast reduction surgeries on both of them