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Doctor_Wookie t1_jddk98m wrote

Oh, probably from "Eskimo" brand, eh?


scribblecurator t1_jdevjg7 wrote

Yea that’s where the name came from. Many Australians have no idea of its origins and that it could be considered derogatory. It definitely shouldn’t be used as a product name but the brand is ubiquitous here - there would have to be a big push for them to change.


NamorDotMe t1_jdf314y wrote

An American Edward William Coon made some cheese, 100 years later the brand name was changed after being bought out because it was seen as derogatory.

The brand name "esky" was purchased by United States firm Coleman Company, (a subsidiary of Newell Brands) in 2009, so who knows.


vegemitemilkshake t1_jdhc5lv wrote

Oh, I didn’t even notice Coon cheese was no longer a thing. Though I’m dairy intolerant, so not entirely surprising.