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jenglasser t1_jddn3ka wrote

Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Fitness is a different issue, although related.


ScottieRobots t1_jde20i1 wrote

Fitness starts in the kitchen for me, too.

Fitness whole stack of pancakes in my mouth, that is.


Nmanga90 t1_jddrubj wrote

Definitely also starts in the kitchen. You’re pretty hard limited on your ability to get more fit by the amount of fat on your body


chewbadeetoo t1_jdduyp6 wrote

I guess it depends on the amount of fat but yeah if you push too hard exercising while carrying a lot of extra pounds you risk injury.

You can exercise for a full hour hard as you can, and burn the same amount of calories that can be eaten in a few seconds. I've seen people go workout then think it gives them an excuse to eat more. Been guilty of it myself to be honest. Like that old maxim you can't outrun a bad diet.


muscletrain t1_jde06yw wrote

Not to mention the over calculation typically of all the smart watches and even heart rate is not that accurate. Was one of the nice things about getting power meter pedals on my bike, it's a pretty damn accurate calorie burn metric based on weight and power output.


Dorocche t1_jdeavsj wrote

That's only true in certain contexts, and doesn't necessarily make good general advice. Most people with low or normal body fat I know are terribly unhealthy, and I know plenty of people with plenty of body fat who run 5ks.


Nmanga90 t1_jdeg4wz wrote

I’m talking about the average American who is pushing 30%. Likewise, terribly unhealthy rail thin people are also limited by their body fat and need to make dietary changes.


BarbequedYeti t1_jdeof4d wrote

> Weight loss starts in the kitchen. Fitness is a different issue, although related.

Totally disagree. Nutrition and your diet have everything to do with your overall fitness level not just some related piece. This is why so many yo yo over and over and over again. They never figure out their eating.