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CaptainChaos74 t1_jddu7q1 wrote

They all look the same age. I would struggle to tell which ones are the "women" and which ones the "girls".


ohhellnooooooooo t1_jde8kwd wrote

Save it for the judge handcuff-emoji


Caelinus t1_jdf972a wrote

I have the same problem with being able to tell these days, but for me it just means that people between 18-23ish look like high schoolers to me now.

Thankfully that is a turn off. I don't get why people fetishize youth so much. My ideal age for attraction has so far been heavily based on a range around my own age. As I have gotten older the range has expanded, but it is always trending older.


DeadTime34 t1_jdgiq2o wrote

Why do people fetishize anything though, human sexuality is still such a mystery lol


kidantrum t1_jde3uej wrote

You can normally see the difference in the details. The 2 girls in the middle have softer facial features while the women on the outer left and outer right have a more defined face.