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ohhellnooooooooo t1_jde8syp wrote


Dorocche t1_jdeb2tk wrote

Why is the cop taking a picture?


lloydthelloyd t1_jdedr05 wrote

Because the 'women' are children.


Acid-Reign t1_jdefg4b wrote

The article puts the rescuers at 20 and "now 19" - not that the original comment was very relevant or helpful.


Dorocche t1_jdeg6c1 wrote

Right, it's an "arresting you for pedophilia" joke, but what's the camera for?


F______________F t1_jdf60g7 wrote

It's a play on the phrase, "This comment right here officer," which people often use when someone says something creepy online. The taking a picture is the "this right here" part.