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A-Very-Cool-Pencil t1_jdea0o7 wrote

I was drunk on a 10 dollar boogie board in Hawaii, getting sucked under fighting for my life, only to make it back to the surface to be laughed at by a bunch of locals watching. Good times.


wpcodemonkey t1_jdf4ynx wrote

Getting pulled under and tossed around like you’re in a washing machine is no joke. Same thing happened to me in Cape Cod when I was a kid. It probably only lasted 5-10 seconds but it felt like 3-5 minutes and you have no idea which way is up or down. Fucking terrifying.


229-northstar t1_jdhk685 wrote

Same thing happened to me in a cape Cod! We were getting the far edges of a hurricane and the water was rough. It was fun until it wasn’t. The water pinned me under and rolled me until it didn’t want me any more.