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TheNoHeadacheEscape t1_jdfhfnt wrote

>She was kicking and flailing under water and hitting him because she was freaking out.

Not humblebragging, but when I was about 13 I saved a drowning kid (couldn't have been over 7) who swam out too far.

Kid did the same thing and almost brought me under with him, it's a miracle we even made it back to shore, especially considering the amount of times he kicked me in sensitive areas, but the adrenaline rush of almost drowning kinda muted the pain from those.

Definitely do not recommend.

Edit: To note, I didn't know what I was doing, I had no training, I just reacted, and honestly, that was the biggest mistake. I should've grabbed a floatie or something.


softcore_UFO t1_jdfnkup wrote

My sister did this to me in a pool, I ended up holding my breath long enough to sort of… shuttle her crazy ass to the edge. Fast forward twenty years later we’re at a family thing and she says, “remember that time you almost drowned me?”. Little shit freaked out so bad she rewrote her memory.


_iplo t1_jdfjwu8 wrote

Lifeguard training teaches you to avoid direct contact with a drowning victim. This is why.


TheNoHeadacheEscape t1_jdfo1jx wrote

Yup, and at the time I knew nothing of that. Honestly it was a miracle we both survived. When I finally got to shore I just laid on my back unable to even move for a good few minutes.


_iplo t1_jdfojll wrote

Experience is never a bad thing. You're a good person.


AppetizerDessert t1_jdggi05 wrote

It also teaches you to kick or punch them in the gut to regain some distance.


Loggerdon t1_jdg0e6q wrote

When I was about 10 I saved a kid who fell down a sewer and into the pipe after a heavy rain. My friends and I took off the lid and I climbed in. Then I dropped a rope down the 20' pipe and pulled the kid out. The kid didn't speak English and as soon as he got out him and his brother ran away. The cops stopped by later and patted me on the back.

Next day another kid did the same thing and he was on the news and the mayor of Los Angeles gave him a fucking medal.