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MDUK0001 t1_jdgulao wrote


Bee_Hummingbird t1_jdh4dtt wrote

>Article says the mother was at home…

"We were just having a little picnic at the beach with some girlfriends and this woman came up to us and was like, 'I can't swim and my girls are drowning,' and we just jumped into action," she said.

The girls were at Angels Beach near Ballina, an unpatrolled beach along a stretch of coastline popular with surfers"

Try again.


MDUK0001 t1_jdh4qt5 wrote

I was referring to this part: “They were nominated by Erin Danks, Violet's mum, who was at home when she received the call about the rescue.”

But I guess this means that one of the mothers was with them and the other at home, and that they are not sisters.

So in a way we are both right, but mainly you…


Bee_Hummingbird t1_jdh5bbp wrote

Fair. One has a shitty mum. The other is absolutely stupid for letting her child go with someone so incapable.