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Socialistics t1_jde6au3 wrote

Soooo disappointing!

Force these profit machines to use sails and solar by 2028. Watch Innovation bloom and things change in time.

"Carbon neutral by 2050", WTF is that weak ass soup?!


Intrepid-Astronaut41 t1_jddmu0v wrote

It's nice that they didn't pick a winning fuel. Should be interesting to see what happens.


SilverNicktail t1_jdezrwp wrote

Yeah it's an interesting approach. "Don't care how you do it, but you're doing it."


DarknessEnlightened t1_jdg6kr4 wrote

"You are required to innovate a solution by this date." I dig it. They'll either do themselves or hire someone for the right price. Or pay a fine.


Omnicide103 t1_jdzdr6j wrote

That's fairly common practice in EU Directives, actually! A lot of legally binding things the EU makes mandate the what, but leave the how to member states.


Ploobul t1_jdejxug wrote

Aren’t maritime emissions a drop in the ocean when compared to basically every other form of transit?


Mainzerize t1_jdesivl wrote

The sixteen largest ships emit the same amount of CO2 as all the world’s cars.


jwhoooday t1_jdg6qqy wrote

The claim was made about "pollution" from these ships. It did not even say what kind, because it would not have been as scary. It was a thought experiment which had some validity, but was questionable to say the least. Specifically it "found" that Sox and Nox pollution would be the same for the 16 ships and all the cars in the world. Not CO/ CO2. It was questionable, to say the least in 2009. Sulphur content of has been reduced significantly since then and it is certainly not the case anymore. Shipping does burn some nasty stuff and is a major polluter, no doubt. But exaggerated claims only serve to point fingers at everybody else. Obviously what we should do is kill all nuclear ambitions and just pipe oil from Russia to avoid having to ship it.


antergo t1_jdfnae0 wrote

Ships are one of the most efficient modes of transport (unlike cough cough cars) but we ship so fucking mutch from China and elsewhere its still a big part


SilverNicktail t1_jdezqmd wrote

Article says about 3% of EU emissions, which IIRC is more than the airline sector. These suckers burn really nasty fuel.


DarknessEnlightened t1_jdg6pq6 wrote

Irrespective of the answer to this, progress needs to be made on every fronts, so we should take it where we get it.


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