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Gumbybum t1_jdh7pyb wrote

My wife once sent me a post of a cute kitten. It turned out that kitten was up for adoption. So I sent my wife a picture of the same cute kitten... in our house 😼


PM_ME_YOUR_MONTRALS t1_jdh8mf1 wrote

  1. That's awesome

  2. That's risky. Had you talked about getting a cat and how you'd pick one out?


Gumbybum t1_jdha616 wrote

Yes, we had talked. I actually thought that because the cat was up for adoption, the text was suggesting that we adopt him.

I misinterpreted her intent but I have no regrets.


Lindaspike t1_jdhmebl wrote

are you my husband's twin? i had to ask him not to call me at work about "a cat..." - just go get them! i don't need the whole story. we've had up to six and only one was me telling HIM about a cat! but i love them all!!!


EndHawkeyeErasure t1_jdhuubq wrote

Am I your husband's twin? All three of our pets in some way involved me going, "so listen..."


Lindaspike t1_jdhwvfi wrote

one of his was -
"LINDA! did you see that cat on the news that some littles assholes shot with a BB gun?" yes, i did. it's awful!
"i'm going to get him!"
maybe call the shelter first?
click. well, the cat in question was already adopted by the vet caring for him "...but we do have a total love bug you might like..." that was chester.
another was "charlie (his co-worker) found a little cat on their porch but landlord only allows two cats! and it's winter!"
sigh. okay. please don't call me at work. just introduce us when i get home. i'd never say no. that was rosie,
so you're probably a close relation if not a twin!


EndHawkeyeErasure t1_jdi04c8 wrote

Our first was actually the day before we moved in together, and it went something like, "I promise I never do this. But my friend called & has a dog she can't keep, and he's here (the town I was working in for my last day before moving across the state), so like... do you want a dog?" That was Apollo. I really hadn't (consciously) done that at the time... but looking back, that was a lie. Next was we were going to adopt a cat at my office. My job was to find a good cat that wouldn't wanna bolt out the door. I found a tripawd that I fell in LOVE with before my boss decided she wasn't ready. I was sad about it and he just goes, "... do... do we need to go get the cat?" That was Shiloh.

The last one was maybe the worst. My Hound dog had been living with my dad (we had an apartment, dad had land, better place for the hound) but Dad broke his heel and couldn't keep up with all of his pets, so I, without consulting my darling, patient husband, went, "yea sure we can take him back!!" Welcome home, Miller. (We now own a house with plenty of roaming room, but 1000sq feet with 2 kids and 2 dogs was NOT fun for a while.)

Tell your husband to send Christmas cards and call more. Lol.


Lindaspike t1_jdi7hwi wrote

hahaha! when you're hooked you're hooked! whenever is see him looking at our shelter's website i think "uh oh." but we'll do anything for them and as i said, i never say no. they time that i was officially "the problem" we were at our neighbood pet shop getting food and litter. one sunday a month a small local cat rescue would be there with adopable kitties. i jokingly told them- "see that really tall blonde guy over there? just tell him they've all been adopted!" it became the running joke -"al and linda are here. all kitties are taken" when we'd walk through the door. one day he was in line trying to check out. i was chatting with the cat lady about some kittens - not super young but young-ish. they were left with their momma in a box on her front steps. they were all adopted except one who was licking my fingers. she said no one wanted him because he has polycystic kidney disease and will have a short life. i just said "we want him!" got Al out of line and said he's going with us. he went home and got the crate and that's how we got Avery! the shelter provided all the vet care and he had a couple of really great years with us and the other kitties. no regrets, believe me. here's a pic of my boy avery! he was so funny - jumped in the shower with me every day and would jump out an roll around on the bath mat!


EllieBelly_24 t1_jdjd06j wrote

Listen Linda, listen....


Lindaspike t1_jdjgjdm wrote

i love that video SO MUCH! my co-workers said it to me every day for a couple of weeks but slowed down a bit after that! that kids is at LEAST in high school by now.


EllieBelly_24 t1_jdjh2d5 wrote

Lmao right? I heard about it from a minecrafter/youtuber (no longer support him, btw), I've been waiting to run across a Linda in the wild to reference it hehe. So glad you caught it :D


Lindaspike t1_jdjtp3s wrote

i haven't laughed that hard in years! they shared it with me at work so of course it became a "thing!" i just love that kid. he's going to be a politician or a big shot lawyer. his arguing skills are amazing!


kafelta t1_jdgfiqi wrote

Almost every cat?

Let's find homes for the rest


Baliath t1_jdgg5t2 wrote

this is the way


Mr_master89 t1_jdgide9 wrote

Based on the last episode of The Mandalorian they would 100% take all the animals


Alis451 t1_jdhs8x8 wrote

usually there are shelter "lifers", ones with complex health/medical requirements that don't lend to adoption easily or readily. Not saying they can't be, but some things are a bit complicated. We have one cat that allegedly got brain damage from a flea collar, he kind of runs in circles, but the other cats in his room take care of him and don't let anyone bully him.


Thecryptsaresafe t1_jdiuwlv wrote

My cat growing up would’ve been one of those if she didn’t capture my mom’s heart at the shelter. She had some kind of medical episode as a kitten that gave her partial lack of feeling in her hindquarters and so she wasn’t getting adopted. They named her Tippy because she’d sometimes tip over when she was running. Man I can’t say she was the most loving animal, she was kind of a curmudgeon and only played with my sisters, but she’d sleep on the foot of my bed every night. I’m glad we were able to give her a good home for as long as she was alive, which was only slightly less than average age and due to unrelated cancer.


RavenDarkholme084 t1_jdhsgix wrote

They need to do this in texas shelters. We are overflowing. CONSTANTLY because we have a horrible state government that won’t help direct efforts to reduce strays out in the streets


Draft-Repulsive t1_jdirqqf wrote

Gotta be some Kansas folks in the comments here who need a cuddle bud


rrrrrroadhouse t1_jdf5xl0 wrote

Wayside Waifs has always been awesome


razzadig t1_jdiat8g wrote

They are great! Gotten a couple cats from them over the years. Adopted an older cat Nyx with grooming issues and she's cuddling up to me right now. I'd describe her as a heat seeking missile.


MEuRaH t1_jdh5l1g wrote

I miss the days when the top comment was the video in the title.


ButtRash69 t1_jdhdcrt wrote

With the response they got, I was expected a more engaging video TBH


TheRysingTyde t1_jdgfueb wrote

The 2 that didn’t, so sad. Surely by now?!


DatTF2 t1_jdg9mq6 wrote

I'm not a fan of Tiktok or most news I hear about it but this put a smile on my face.


handyandy727 t1_jdhbz35 wrote

Watched the actual video. These folks should be applauded. You can tell by their reactions they really care about these cats and know their personalities. That speaks volumes.


Grzechoooo t1_jdhiymd wrote

ALMOST?! r/OrphanCrushingMachine.


masalion t1_jdhl0o2 wrote

Cat Distribution Network at work


deathclonic t1_jdhmh4i wrote

The only good animal shelter is an empty one. Good job people


Bhimtu t1_jdiuczs wrote

That's where I adopted my little terrier mix, JayJay! Back in the day, Wayside Waifs was a sad place. A large bequest from a wealthy donor came with a stipulation (from what I heard) that they had to go to "no-kill".

It's one of the best shelter facilities I've ever been to.


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Paul_Thrush t1_jdh7xcb wrote

What's the likely fate of these impulse buys several months from now?


kompootor t1_jdiclpe wrote

My first thought was that those who would choose to adopt a pet based on a viral social media campaign would necessarily make irresponsible pet owners, and inevitably dump the cats within a couple months.

(Caveat to this analysis: Overall there is around a 90% adoption retention rate after 6 months (and it surprised me from my experience that retention skews higher for younger people), so any "idiot effect" may not be too dramatic even in the worst case. [Full analysis in Hawes etal 2020])

But then you have to think that -- for example -- at least some of them are people who, unlike most pet owners, maybe never grew up around pets and never considered before having one. So let's say we get 50/50 from these viral campaigns -- 50% of adopters are terrible and release the animals into the street once they lose their Kony 2012 hype, while the other 50% become solid pet owners who might otherwise not have been. The shelter, now empty, can fill up with street and rejected animals again, which at least mitigates the losses of the former 50% (animals in == animals out), while the latter 50% is a complete gain. (Well, a gain excluding externalities, which can get really messy and is poorly understood.)

So as long as you introduce at least a few responsible new people to pet ownership, these campaigns are a net benefit, regardless of idiots.


filtarukk t1_jdkp5v1 wrote

China takes out cats! We MuSt ban TikTok!


jtgg t1_jdlgkr4 wrote

And almost every cat you see in a meme is dead now.


pookeyblow t1_jdm3pde wrote

"Sorry, this content is not available in your region"



Lindaspike t1_jdhjoy5 wrote

i hate tik tok but THAT was a a great idea!!! our shelter puts photos and descriptions of all the animals waiting for adoption. i might forward this to them!


Iguanodonsrule t1_jdjighu wrote

A lot of rescue and shelters use tik tok to get their adoptable animals seen. Tik tok also pays any accounts with over 10,000 followers per view so a lot raise decent money off it too. I've see a lot of these accounts very worried about what will happen if tik tok is shut down.


Lindaspike t1_jdjtfr6 wrote

thanks for the great info! our favorite shelter is not a big operation but the take really good care of all their animals. they have mostly cats but they take a few dogs as well. i kinda don't think they're going to shut down tik tok but canada has removed it from all government issued phones...including justin trudeau's kids govt. phones! we'' have to wait and see what happens here. i think we know which side will vote against- just because.


Akarichi1996 t1_jdhbyxw wrote

The only good news to ever come from tic tok.


Kilyn t1_jdir7es wrote

Tiktok so bad!


zeeboth t1_jdh9vso wrote

Homeless cats don't maddur, b.


tonberrykang t1_jdjc93z wrote

….by a local Chinese restaurant


_The_Floor_is_Lava_ t1_jdgep3d wrote

I hope they ban TikTok in the United States. Or it gets sold to a US company. 45% of Americans have the app installed. This gives China GPS data on nearly half of Americans. And that's just GPS. They can run AI sentiment analysis on your videos and comments to tell your mood, who your friends are, what you're interested in, what your political leanings are. They can recommend anything they want to your feed and influence the opinions and attentions of our populace en-masse. It's too much control to hand over to an unfree foreign surveillance state.

A replacement for it will be created and people will have a new place to go viral. It's not TikTok they want necessarily, it's an app exactly like TikTok. Imagine "KitKot", a US competitor app that's functionally identical to TikTok. Why not use it? It does the same thing. It'll suck massively for people to rebuild their followers list, but hey, sometimes life is hard. Once it's up and running, and everyone is reestablished on the new app, no one will care anymore.

TL;DR: I love hearing about shelter animals finding new homes. It warms my heart. :)


doxiepowder t1_jdgz73c wrote

I wish they would just institute sweeping privacy reform that forces all the apps mining our data to change (all of them, not just social media) instead of scapegoating a single foreign app that's no different than Facebook.

My wife works in digital marketing. Privacy is an illusion.


Apt_5 t1_jdgvsx5 wrote

TikTok and all of its impersonators should be banned. It is legitimately rotting everyone’s brains, especially youths which are its main user base. I don’t have it b/c I don’t like registering just to look at stuff (same w/ Pinterest) but I discovered Youtube shorts in the Summer and I definitely got hooked for a good few months. Too easy to just lay in bed and endlessly scroll until you notice the damn sun is coming up.

Edit: Meant to finish with “That’s Reddit’s job, damnit!”


Dangerous-Leg-9626 t1_jdgv8of wrote

You know that they already did that with the data they bought from all the social media company, rightm


madpacifist t1_jdgrovc wrote

You sound like a US congressman.


gruffity t1_jdgtfek wrote

They have a point though


madpacifist t1_jdgufwu wrote

The argument being a US-owned social media application, which still does all of these things, is better than one belonging to an alien company by sheer virtue of the sole fact that it's American?

Sounds like 19th Century American foreign policy.

Besides, there are US alternatives already. YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, no one is flocking to those outlets now even though they are, surprise, functionally identical. The free market the US has cultivated has chosen, and it's chosen TikTok.


changiairport t1_jdgiet2 wrote

Nah they should name it KitKotKat. It's what America does best.


kaizervonmaanen t1_jdh3z5t wrote

China at least have less nefarious reasons for collecting that data than American companies and the American government. China only oppress people inside their borders. Americans oppress people all over the world including America