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kafelta t1_jdgfiqi wrote

Almost every cat?

Let's find homes for the rest


Baliath t1_jdgg5t2 wrote

this is the way


Mr_master89 t1_jdgide9 wrote

Based on the last episode of The Mandalorian they would 100% take all the animals


Alis451 t1_jdhs8x8 wrote

usually there are shelter "lifers", ones with complex health/medical requirements that don't lend to adoption easily or readily. Not saying they can't be, but some things are a bit complicated. We have one cat that allegedly got brain damage from a flea collar, he kind of runs in circles, but the other cats in his room take care of him and don't let anyone bully him.


Thecryptsaresafe t1_jdiuwlv wrote

My cat growing up would’ve been one of those if she didn’t capture my mom’s heart at the shelter. She had some kind of medical episode as a kitten that gave her partial lack of feeling in her hindquarters and so she wasn’t getting adopted. They named her Tippy because she’d sometimes tip over when she was running. Man I can’t say she was the most loving animal, she was kind of a curmudgeon and only played with my sisters, but she’d sleep on the foot of my bed every night. I’m glad we were able to give her a good home for as long as she was alive, which was only slightly less than average age and due to unrelated cancer.


RavenDarkholme084 t1_jdhsgix wrote

They need to do this in texas shelters. We are overflowing. CONSTANTLY because we have a horrible state government that won’t help direct efforts to reduce strays out in the streets


Draft-Repulsive t1_jdirqqf wrote

Gotta be some Kansas folks in the comments here who need a cuddle bud