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radj06 t1_jdjxd0k wrote

Im confused why a Detroit news website is reporting on a 4 year old story that happened in Texas. It's not like there was an interesting update.


Harsimaja t1_jdl90go wrote

> is part of a series where we are looking back at most-watched viral videos.

Think that probably explains it. Slow news day, I suppose?


Spire_Citron t1_jdk1x7y wrote

I live in Australia and it's funny to me that we're known for our dangerous wildlife when other places have things like coyote packs and bears. I'll take a snake or spider over that any day.


SereniteeF t1_jdm008y wrote

Snakes and spiders are small (ok, not ALL of them, and there.. ok, not often) and can be anywhere. I’ve never seen a bear or coyote pack in my house or garage..


Mandalore108 t1_jdm37xt wrote

Disagreed, a snake and spider can get in anywhere and are sometimes poisonous. Coyotes and bears are more rare and often times cowards that will avoid humans.


Spire_Citron t1_jdmfz2v wrote

Maybe it's just what I fear. My cat's been bitten by a brown snake and that would have killed him without treatment, and it's something I have to worry about him getting into again every time he gets out, yet I'd be way more fearful of a pack of coyotes trying to hunt him.


CustosEcheveria t1_jdju4gm wrote

I like how it just glosses over the fact that the owner thinks unleashing his pitbull on deer in the middle of the night is normal


CouldNotAffordOne t1_jdjydtu wrote

Not a pitbull, but you are right with the rest.


CustosEcheveria t1_jdk1in2 wrote

I mean, there's literally a picture of the dog in question and it's a pitbull


Callmedrexl t1_jdkjv5s wrote

It's a Dogo Argentino. They're a mastiff breed. Not a pitbull.


CustosEcheveria t1_jdkk0k5 wrote

>a mastiff breed

Same shit.


RedditsAdoptedSon t1_jdlaadh wrote

kind of i guess..theyre all canines. ur right tho bellas not a cat or orangutan


FuckingCryAboutIt t1_jdmq1ko wrote

This was likely posted because the OP thought it was a pitbull too and there have been two pitbull mauling videos on the front page. Like clockwork when a mauling occurs suddenly /r/aww and others have "muh sweet pibble hippo" postings


jumpers4goaIposts t1_jdm773n wrote

It’s literally not a pitbull. Not only does it look like a dogo argentino they say in the video that it’s a dogo argentino.


KittyColonialism t1_jdmiufp wrote

It makes sense that someone who advocates for the killing of all pittbulls doesn’t even know what a pitbull is. Couldn’t make this stuff up.


CustosEcheveria t1_jdmj3v4 wrote

> advocates for the killing of all pittbulls

lol no, breeding and owning them should be banned, nobody advocates for going around and killing people's pets


tyrannomachy t1_jdlso75 wrote

It's almost impossible for a dog to actually catch a deer. Certainly not a dog like that.


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