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UNOvven t1_jdn5lww wrote

Well, Indias government programs to combat poverty so far have been overall very successful, so I have high hopes for this one.


d-scott t1_jdnmtt1 wrote

I can't tell if this is sarcasm as I have no knowledge about the topic


UNOvven t1_jdnvqpw wrote

No this is entirely sincere, India has had a number of big programs like this and they have genuinely massively helped people out of poverty. Like hundreds of millions lifted out of poverty, critical infrastructure built in rural places to improve lifes, everything.


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BloodRedBanner t1_jdpn1p3 wrote

Obviously it is not ‘solved’, not yet at least. But poverty levels are dropping so that’s a good sign.


Elegant-Road t1_jdo9k5t wrote

Technology helps a lot.

Earlier middlemen would steal govt handouts.

These days it's direct to bank transfer.

Introduction of government unique identity card has ensured the right people get the handouts.

No Indian should be hungry considering how much food India produces.


xyzmangaboi t1_jdnpjv8 wrote

It is genuine. They have lifted 220+ million people from extreme poverty since 2014


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me0din t1_jdpdzec wrote

As long as everyone doesn't hage a 10kg gold ingot 8n both of their hands rhe next day, how could it be uplifting?


StickFigureSoul t1_jdmti9m wrote

“introducing them to traditional loans” kind of threw me but overall good i hope


rocketmallu t1_jdn4ryo wrote

Traditional loans in this case means access to funds with low interest (alternative being loan sharks) to start a small business.

It has helped many people achieve financial independence


StickFigureSoul t1_jdngbv3 wrote

in America loans that are traditional are predatory (subjective college student experience)


SignorJC t1_jdnzpj2 wrote

college loans arent traditional loans b/c theres no collateral


birberbarborbur t1_jdn978m wrote

Ten million girls, that’s a lot of talent to tap in to


Vietfunk t1_jdpoy2b wrote

Big respect for India regarding combat poverty.

  1. I worked on a documentary about a central kitchen that can supply thousands of meal for free every day.
  2. I worked on a documentary about their Sikhs communities. They also cook free meals for thousands of people every single day too.

Never seen that kind of support anywhere in the world


pantericu5 t1_jdpc97s wrote

Shiiiiit, we should do the same for North America.


Moranmer t1_jdppe6z wrote

By all poverty metrics measured and tracked by the UN, educating young girls is THE most EFFECTIVE way to combat poverty. This is true regardless of religion, social status, etc.


UnstuckCanuck t1_jdptlhp wrote

How’s the right going to explain when India’s poor have better education and score higher than kids in most states?


Rakka666 t1_jdtihvp wrote

I bet they will introduce new laws to limit the growth of their Asian American citizens. 😬 Oh wait, they already do that.


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old_snake t1_jdo80gk wrote

Damn I read this as Indiana and got excited for a sec.


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Rakka666 t1_jdtibf7 wrote

We will. Please educate your boys not to spike the drinks of girls and rape them for wearing short clothes. Also, please stop abusing your women on topics like abortion and healthcare. 🙏


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Rakka666 t1_je7bcf7 wrote

Good at least we agree on the basic premise. Now don't try to be so inflammatory next time. Anyone can play the Asshole game.


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Rakka666 t1_je7kc5t wrote

There is no victory in this. 😑

I agree, we cannot compare India to the US. We have different cultures, different demographics, huge population differences.

This is a shit flinging competition where both sides try to argue in bad faith. I'm confident that I can drag you off your moral high ground, if you want.


japanfrog t1_jdnuv1x wrote

Misread that as Florida and my immediate reaction was happiness. Now I’m sad.


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BroccoliPrince t1_jdnyp1r wrote

Dude. Rape happens everywhere, wherever you live isn't some magical place where nobody gets raped. Fix your own glass house before you start throwing stones.


poco_gamer t1_jdnh7sh wrote

Sorry folks but it's another window-dressing by the current Indian government.

They propose such uplifting ideas all the time (like toilets for all, cng for all, ban on single-use plastics yada yada) but lack solid implementation when put to scrutiny.

Edit: right-wing ₹2 it-cell active on reddit as well.


asdftimes7 t1_jdo0oz3 wrote

I come from a very poor village in one of the 100 poorest districts of India.

All houses in my village have toilets. Built by the government. For free. To a very high standard.

Same with the houses in the surrounding villages


resuwreckoning t1_jdo7xlo wrote

Sorry, Reddit has a swath of people with an axe to grind about India that will insist that you don’t exist.


asdftimes7 t1_jdo9fii wrote

Surprisingly, a lot of these are Indian. As is the person I replied to.

Macaulay's kids.

Edit: he also mentioned about ban on single use plastics. That is very severely enforced.


Rakka666 t1_jdthrw2 wrote

Good to hear that everyone is doing better in your village.☺️

Ignore the riff-raff of idiots, they're either self-hating or 2nd gen Indians in other countries who do not have much cultural ties to the home country so they berate their own to look good in the eyes of the White 🤡 s. Happens to the best when they're not able to assimilate properly.


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Rakka666 t1_jdti5ox wrote

I will not take advice about wiping my butt from a 🤡, who still believe that toilet paper is hygienic. Use a partially wet paper towel and wipe your bottom and see the skid marks.🤢 Now imagine living like this for all your life, 💩 fellow


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apez- t1_jdnbmvz wrote

Pretty ignorant take. India's birthrate was high in the 1900s which makes sense since the whole country was primarily an agrarian society which was also heavily exploited and in extreme poverty. Their birthrate right now is infact slightly below replacement level, which is the optimal rate for economic growth considering their young population.

The only long term contributer left to world population growth is sub-saharan Africa. Every other continent is staying primarily the same, or even expected to fall, in population by 2100


asdftimes7 t1_jdo13co wrote

>India's birthrate was high in the 1900s which makes sense since the whole country was primarily an agrarian society which was also heavily exploited and in extreme poverty.

The real reason was the sky high child mortality. No matter how many kids you had chances of having a few survive was low.

One of my great uncles had 14 kids. None survived. Another relative had twenty one of which nine survived.

My mother reckons child mortality was at least 50 percent. She is the only surviving child out of two siblings


Spire_Citron t1_jdo55ep wrote

Yup. That's why people had so many kids. Then once child mortality rates drop, it can take a couple of generations for people to realise they can have fewer kids without much risk of ending up with them all dead.


PurpleCheeseMama t1_jdoeicv wrote

My grandma was born pre-independance and she tells these stories about how the britishers used to just randomly take away the kids as slaves and some of them were seen again. And if the family participated in sort of pre-independance activities then all their kids would be whipped and killed right in of the parents. Considering she's not even 100 years old, it's just scary to imagine what would have happened to us if we still hadn't fought for freedom.


mqtrysbeingstoic t1_jdn5m2z wrote

Lmao India's birthrate is slightly higher than France (0.2 Children more per woman) get outta here rascist


Spire_Citron t1_jdo4upz wrote

Increasing access to education for girls actually does tend to reduce birthrates.


bohlah00 t1_jdmmn9w wrote

What about the boys?


Severus_Zhilin t1_jdmnvs8 wrote

It is even written in the article that a lot of girls in India (40%) don't have access to school. Should we do that to boys as well? In India they also abort babies when they find out they are girls and there are many cases where they kill baby girls after they are born simply because they want boys. Should we be doing that to boys as well?

Fuckin hypocrites


theDreamingStar t1_jdmrb5r wrote

Sadly, I have witnessed all of those things happen in rural areas and villages a lot.


Kelvinek t1_jdmznt9 wrote

Everyone should have access to education, whats wrong with you?


LearningIsTheBest t1_jdn2m39 wrote

Think of the "White lives matter" people. Same energy comes across here.


Kelvinek t1_jdn3vn6 wrote

It really isnt, commenter up top asked, clearly being ignorant, why only girls. Instead of anything sensible like „because boys are already schooled” or „yeah you are right, all od the kids should get the school”, what came was some insane ranting about suffering olympics.


AureliusAlbright t1_jdn3jag wrote

Because doing things for girls in unfortunate situations is noble. Asking why it can't be done for boys is evil. Apparently.

Edit: see below for examples. Girls = noble. Boys = bad.


thestoplereffect t1_jdngkyv wrote

Well when given the historical and societal context, it might be evil but it's definitely not in good faith. Girls have way less access to education, that's an empirical fact. This is just trying to bridge that gap.


CamelSpotting t1_jdnlu4e wrote

It's stupid since it's already been done for boys. Intentionally stupid.


Spire_Citron t1_jdo4pq9 wrote

Because boys are already being sent to school at much higher rates. Getting them to the same rates means investing in education for girls.


Mahameghabahana t1_jdpc47p wrote

Are all boys being sent to school? Like i have seen many boys working in various jobs instead of going to school. Of course it's not bad as the girls but as both sexes are human, we should also do something about the boy too no? Misandrist people here give same energy as that Americans city which promised to give money to homeless people but they have to be women homeless people.


Spire_Citron t1_jdpfmjf wrote

I don't know what the actual stats are, but if, say, 70% of boys go to school but only 20% of girls, of course you would start by helping the girls. It's not unfair to focus your attention on the most underserved group first. Yes, ultimately they should make sure all kids can go to school, but they have to start somewhere.


SoftlySpokenPromises t1_jdneudd wrote

It was a fair question, everybody should be given the same access to education. Traditionally women have been given the short end of the stick with education in India, so hopefully this works to bridge the gap.


PurpleCheeseMama t1_jdoav65 wrote

The thing is, running the govt is tricky. There are schemes for boys too. Everyone has the right to education. And there are free education programs for all in poor and rural areas, irrespective of the gender. But it is also important to observe the target audience. It was observed that girls in these areas, couldn't attend school because of families with strong stereotypical-old age mindset. And just because some elected leader comes and tells you, "bro from now on you shouldn't have such 1940 mindset and all", these people will not automatically change and start sending their daughters to school. So, it becomes necessary for the govt focus more on helping these girls. India is developing rapidly and it is necessary that these girls also become a part of it. Lots and lots of attention is needed to bring these people out of their old mentality. That's why there are lot of programs for girls. It doesn't mean there's nothing for the boys.