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bohlah00 t1_jdmmn9w wrote

What about the boys?


Severus_Zhilin t1_jdmnvs8 wrote

It is even written in the article that a lot of girls in India (40%) don't have access to school. Should we do that to boys as well? In India they also abort babies when they find out they are girls and there are many cases where they kill baby girls after they are born simply because they want boys. Should we be doing that to boys as well?

Fuckin hypocrites


theDreamingStar t1_jdmrb5r wrote

Sadly, I have witnessed all of those things happen in rural areas and villages a lot.


Kelvinek t1_jdmznt9 wrote

Everyone should have access to education, whats wrong with you?


LearningIsTheBest t1_jdn2m39 wrote

Think of the "White lives matter" people. Same energy comes across here.


Kelvinek t1_jdn3vn6 wrote

It really isnt, commenter up top asked, clearly being ignorant, why only girls. Instead of anything sensible like „because boys are already schooled” or „yeah you are right, all od the kids should get the school”, what came was some insane ranting about suffering olympics.


AureliusAlbright t1_jdn3jag wrote

Because doing things for girls in unfortunate situations is noble. Asking why it can't be done for boys is evil. Apparently.

Edit: see below for examples. Girls = noble. Boys = bad.


thestoplereffect t1_jdngkyv wrote

Well when given the historical and societal context, it might be evil but it's definitely not in good faith. Girls have way less access to education, that's an empirical fact. This is just trying to bridge that gap.


CamelSpotting t1_jdnlu4e wrote

It's stupid since it's already been done for boys. Intentionally stupid.


Spire_Citron t1_jdo4pq9 wrote

Because boys are already being sent to school at much higher rates. Getting them to the same rates means investing in education for girls.


Mahameghabahana t1_jdpc47p wrote

Are all boys being sent to school? Like i have seen many boys working in various jobs instead of going to school. Of course it's not bad as the girls but as both sexes are human, we should also do something about the boy too no? Misandrist people here give same energy as that Americans city which promised to give money to homeless people but they have to be women homeless people.


Spire_Citron t1_jdpfmjf wrote

I don't know what the actual stats are, but if, say, 70% of boys go to school but only 20% of girls, of course you would start by helping the girls. It's not unfair to focus your attention on the most underserved group first. Yes, ultimately they should make sure all kids can go to school, but they have to start somewhere.


SoftlySpokenPromises t1_jdneudd wrote

It was a fair question, everybody should be given the same access to education. Traditionally women have been given the short end of the stick with education in India, so hopefully this works to bridge the gap.


PurpleCheeseMama t1_jdoav65 wrote

The thing is, running the govt is tricky. There are schemes for boys too. Everyone has the right to education. And there are free education programs for all in poor and rural areas, irrespective of the gender. But it is also important to observe the target audience. It was observed that girls in these areas, couldn't attend school because of families with strong stereotypical-old age mindset. And just because some elected leader comes and tells you, "bro from now on you shouldn't have such 1940 mindset and all", these people will not automatically change and start sending their daughters to school. So, it becomes necessary for the govt focus more on helping these girls. India is developing rapidly and it is necessary that these girls also become a part of it. Lots and lots of attention is needed to bring these people out of their old mentality. That's why there are lot of programs for girls. It doesn't mean there's nothing for the boys.