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ananxiouscat t1_jdxyhdw wrote

>The woman’s post explained that she accidentally left her license at a separate auto shop in Kenosha last weekend. She called to retrieve it but the worker who answered the phone claimed he was out of the office and didn’t have her ID. > >She was then sent a video from a stranger which shows the same store employee who claimed to not have her property, breaking her ID and urinating on it.


metler88 t1_jdxztny wrote

Uh. That's weird. Why?


Atomsteel t1_jdy1pyx wrote

The store coffee pot was broken and he needed to fuck someone's day up with piss.


Rush_Is_Right t1_jdy2l8p wrote

I'm also confused. Surely she didn't call the employee's cell phone unless he gave her a card maybe? Also, what transpired for them to break the ID, urinate on it and film it? Like I can see being a dick and breaking it because they are a POS, but the rest is sociopath level.


Rush_Is_Right t1_jdzod2e wrote

What the hell is with the cutshot to Trump hotel at the end of the video? I'm guessing since this was in Kenosha, something about Kyle Rittenhouse, BLM, or Trump was brought up.


Nandy-bear t1_je05gtd wrote

They're scumbags. Nothing more than that. I know a few people like this who do awful shit like this purely because they're shitty nasty shitheads.


babyitsgoldoutside t1_jdy92wh wrote

The only thing I can think of is that she was a problem customer. Doesn’t justify it by any means, but that’s the only way it even kind of makes sense.


OkTop9308 t1_jdyrwdl wrote

She is black. He is white. She chose not to buy the car which probably made him mad. Then her driver’s license with her personal information and address went viral in the snapchat video. The video has racial and misogynist overtones. This also happened in Kenosha home of the whole Rittenhouse/BLM tragedy.


Rush_Is_Right t1_jdya1hb wrote

Agreed. Messing with someone's ID is such a dick move. It might not be as hard now because they updated things during Covid at, but going into the DMV is a ruthless thing to put someone through for no reason. I found a random ID at a gas station 5 hours from home and was able to find the person on Facebook and messaged them to let them know where to find it. It took me like 3 minutes.


_MrMeseeks t1_je0j6k4 wrote

I don't know why you were downvoted for this reddit is weird


Inked-Sailor t1_je0k2um wrote

It's the problem customer comment.


Appropriate_Scar_262 t1_je1pqa8 wrote

He said it was the only thing he could think of, but it's looking like it was because she was black


Inked-Sailor t1_je1qklw wrote

Yeah, that seems like the most likely scenario.

My part was trying to clear up the commenters confusion as to the downvotes as stated by the comment above mine. They spiralled out.


_MrMeseeks t1_je0kh52 wrote

Yes and? They didn't say she was a problem customer. He just said that it could be a reason they did such weird shit. Also said they don't agree with it or that it justified what happened.


Inked-Sailor t1_je0knz0 wrote

Well, it's an odd thing to say when nothing even pointed to that.


_MrMeseeks t1_je0kybj wrote

So everyone asks why they would do something. Someone throws out a random well, maybe because of this. Doesn't make sense.


Inked-Sailor t1_je0l7u2 wrote

Except you think they would use available info. Like saying, "Maybe he is maladjusted and is a hateful little prick"

Why does she have to have done something?


_MrMeseeks t1_je0maa9 wrote

No one said she did, but it's not a completely preposterous scenario. Ever worked in the service industry dealing with the general public? Surprise the general public is filled with terrible people who bitch about anything and everything. But when there's hundreds of comments asking why this happened and someone gives a scenario on why someone m8ght do something so dumb, that person shouldn't be downvoted for it.


Inked-Sailor t1_je0mrsr wrote

And you got upset when I correctly identified why the comment was downvoted.

How triggered are you that your made up scenario isn't what others came up with?

Surpise people can be dicks for no other reason misdirected hate.

Maybe take a second and read what you have said to me and try to use an outside perspective.

And downvoting is to show you didn't like something. Or are you new here?


_MrMeseeks t1_je0numd wrote

I'm not upset this is just a conversation. Why can't people just talk about something without one person saying "you're mad" or "you're triggered ". It's ridiculous. Downvoting isn't a disagree button.


dedooshka t1_je0tu2h wrote

This is reddit my man, uplifting news, downlifting comments


mullen1400 t1_je21u5u wrote

I feel like you're acting in bad faith in this conversation. Clearly you don't want to have a conversation since you won't believe someone's motives


Inked-Sailor t1_je23sh6 wrote

And those are your feelings. Look, I made a simple comment as to what I observed, there was no criticism implied. It was the following response that led us here.


[deleted] t1_jdy2gbu wrote



metler88 t1_jdy5z1o wrote

> The Kenosha Police Department said it will recommend misdemeanor charges, including criminal damage to property, against the two men in the video who defaced her ID.

What are you talking about?


headhouse t1_jdypxmj wrote

Don't engage him, he's got his own little reality going on over there.


229-northstar t1_je04ie4 wrote

My bet is the two charged white guys got mad that the young black woman changed her mind about purchasing a car from them and acted like racists usually do

This was my immediate thought on reading the article. Then I went looking for pictures of the participants to confirm. The two young guys look like the khaki-clothed Charlottesville racists

Edit I see that I misread the article. There are two different dealerships involved


OkTop9308 t1_je1n57b wrote

The Racine car dealer that gifted the woman the car is different from the dealer whose salesperson peed on the license.

From the article:

Greene says he couldn't believe how the woman was treated by this other shop; that's when he decided to do something to make it right. He made a call on Facebook to get in touch with the woman.

“I just thought, ‘Hey she needs a car, she was car shopping. I have plenty of cars.’”

On Thursday, he met with her and gave her a free car off the lot.


eghost57 t1_je0jr1m wrote

Could be a race thing but my default is it is not. I'm white and bought a car from a dealer that had a 7-day return policy and the associate was white. When I called to tell him I changed my mind he had a fit over the phone and started swearing at me. When I brought the car back I made sure the manager knew what happened. The guy lost an opportunity at selling me a different car because he was just a psycho who couldn't handle failure.


toxicblitzkriegg t1_je0rlc8 wrote

Yeah man but did he snap your drivers license and piss on it? What that sales person did to you was definitely unprofessional but snapping and pissing on your DL? I think that’s beyond being unprofessional.


Trendelthegreat t1_jdxuzx9 wrote

Is it normal to interchange “dealership” and “auto shop”?

I was confused why an auto shop would just give a car away


gellenburg t1_jdy2zg0 wrote

I bet the story was written by an AI.


SadisticChipmunk t1_jdy3u1o wrote

I bet this response was written by an AI


gellenburg t1_jdy5mlj wrote

As a language model I'm afraid I can neither confirm or deny whether or not I am artificial. However, I can confirm for you that this response is real.


Sandstorm400 OP t1_jdxw9fo wrote

I don't think so. Where I am from "auto shop" means a vehicle repair facility.


Rush_Is_Right t1_jdy1tw9 wrote

Some auto shops start off as just that, but when they repair a vehicle and the customer refuses to pay they take possession of the vehicle and try to sell it. They also can get good deals (for them) on something they can fix at cost and then flip if the customer would have just scrapped the vehicle. The small auto shop in my hometown would have like 6-8 vehicles for sale at a time for the previous reasons mentioned or just found decent deals on things like craigslist. It could be as simple as a longtime customer just chatting them up and saying I need a $xx vehicle for my kid, can you help out.


nospamkhanman t1_jdytj4l wrote

The auto-shop I used to always tell me the value of my car with an offer to buy it.

So at the time I had a car worth 8,000 and it needed it 2,000 repair.

They gave me the option to pay the 2k or take a check for 6,000 to


imsurethisoneistaken t1_jdxy6op wrote

Most dealerships contain an auto shop where they charge you like 20% more than anywhere else.


behv t1_jdxzzkq wrote

Oddly enough for me the Mazda dealership where I live is much cheaper than a jiffy lube or comparable auto repair shop plus they do online appointment booking but I'm not gonna say this extends to anyone else


Cash907 t1_jdy1cah wrote

Yeah I’m with behv: my local ford dealer has much better prices on oil changes and tire rotations than jiffy/speedy/quickie etc.


crappy80srobot t1_jdyzhpw wrote

Our luxury dealership is usually even or cheaper on most repairs. In many cases customers come back to us because most places misdiagnose or make the car worse than it started. We also stick to factory recommended maintenance so even that is usually on par with most mom and pops or jiffy lube because those places thrive on up selling useless snake oil products. I can think of hundreds of customers who bragged about saving so much going the a lube shop for oil and filter only to realize they have been getting fucked because said shop convinced them synthetic is 5k and not 10k 1 year. So they get shocked realizing they have been overpaying with oil and now have a leaky housing and paper in the pickup because a fleece filter was never used. We really should cost more considering the metric shit ton of money we sink in tech training and special tools. I'm not saying all dealerships are legit but an honest and fair one even at a higher price is where you should take your car.


waterloograd t1_jdzsukk wrote

My BMW dealership is cheaper, faster, and better than the independent shops I tried. And I get a loaner car for the longer services.


TheyCallMeMrMaybe t1_jdyinlb wrote

Some shops have a dealer license. Some used car dealerships have a small shop.

It's give-or-take on if and how the term can be interchangeable. This feels like the former.


gellenburg t1_jdy2yfi wrote

What kind of sick fuck snaps a person's drivers' license in half and pisses on it?


essieblooms t1_jdy79xf wrote

Kenosha is such a mess. I’m glad a good story came out of Racine. People poopoo on Racine too much.


Bubblewrapperson t1_je01l66 wrote

I lived there a few years and didn’t really see anything I thought was suspicious. Though I did see a man in an SUV push a woman in a Prius into an intersection in Racine. I’m glad I got moved just before the riot. I could see my apartment in the livestreams.


bittoxic00 t1_je13650 wrote

A shop unrelated to the urinators gave the woman a free car after the urinators changed their name online to a similar rival in an attempt to reduce the fallout


hawksdiesel t1_je0mjp4 wrote

trashy people will be trashy


planchetflaw t1_je0oy9q wrote

It's a shame Budget Motors is getting the bad reviews when they had nothing to do with it, yet NH Auto Sales gets not a single one!


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StankiestOne t1_je023j5 wrote

This is the stupidest article I read today.