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Bewarethewolves t1_je0lbi2 wrote

Reading the comments on the OP and I remember how much of a cesspool some subreddit comment sections can be..


dont-worry-bee-happy t1_je17met wrote

i’ll take this as a sign to not check that comment section then, cheers dude :)


Bewarethewolves t1_je18f1g wrote

I’d avoid it, wish people could look at the positive action being talked about instead of trying to turn it into a negative focus on others.


dont-worry-bee-happy t1_je18oje wrote

there’s always gotta be a boogeyman i guess, but yeah no i’m choosing to save my temper and keep myself to r/aww, much better there :)


Love_God551 t1_je22ck1 wrote

Definitely won’t be looking ty for that

Wish we could just focus on a positive story for once versus all the typical added rhetoric


wam654 t1_je0xy7c wrote

Good on them!


Bippy73 t1_je22rrc wrote

Even more so because they’re likely going into areas that are indoctrinated daily with “news” that relentlessly messages why are we helping Ukraine with their democracy & why are we sending them $.


shadowstar617401 t1_je36f0y wrote

I was thinking exactly this. I hope the people they help actually SEE them and I hope in SEEING them it softens their hard hearts.


xDrxGinaMuncher t1_je38i37 wrote

Some, maybe, but my gut says the main response would be "well they're one of the good ones."


zombo_pig t1_je3b4qy wrote

That's a wonderful perspective on this. My friends and I are joining the Welcome Corps and might be hosting a Ukrainian family - not that we're picky about nation of origin as long as they need the help!! - and I love the idea that this could be a side effect.


Bippy73 t1_je3bdan wrote

How lovely that is for you and your friends to do! 😀


zombo_pig t1_je2oksl wrote

I know this should be uplifting - and it is! - but it's also bittersweet thinking how accustomed Ukrainians are to helping out in disaster zones.


Physical_Average_793 t1_je307dx wrote

I think it’s just a cultural thing like in the US


RanoutofBananas t1_je34zq2 wrote

Disasters? Surely you don't mean helping with disasters, once the news forgets about it so does everyone else. All that crap that's happened the last five years? It didn't happen now that it's over. All those devastated fire and flood towns are fiiine. We're fiiinnee.



MACCRACKIN t1_je3k78p wrote

But not once in 100yrs - it's always the same group who live just outside the area there never assist.

We've driven 12 hours straight to Oklahoma from MPLS everytime there's a tornado.

Most of homes ripped clean off their slabs, where you need GPS just to figure out where your Son lives, stationed there.

Local Wal-Mart's filled with so many smashed cars and vehicles, just to get them out of the way.



Id_in_hiding t1_je11dug wrote

It’s how this country was built—on immigrants.


Hidanas t1_je1eprg wrote

And slavery. And stealing land from indigenous peoples. But yea I guess also immigrants.


hypnos_surf t1_je1mel8 wrote

Pretty much every major country and empire has been founded on slavery and conquering lands.


[deleted] t1_je27lp2 wrote



DoTheCreep_ahh t1_je2e38r wrote

Don't forget to add dash of "god says we need to do this" so that there is divine justification for mass murder and theft as well


TARANTULA_TIDDIES t1_je1jnr1 wrote

>And slavery.

Well to be fair, most of the slaves weren't indigent to the US either.

>And stealing land from indigenous peoples.

I think conquering would be the proper word right? Not debating the morality of it, just pointing out that taking land with your country's military is something that all country's did during that time frame, given the ability.

>But yea I guess also immigrants.



kalirion t1_je1xa0g wrote

> I think conquering would be the proper word right?

Conquering in some cases. Stealing / conning in others.


deadkactus t1_je215qv wrote

Conquered means they killed enough to take over. Its babaric. And yes, everyone did it.


dbxp t1_je30wiw wrote

It's a little different from normal as normally the population would stay where they were but the leadership would change rather than the natives being pushed off the land. For example when the British colonised India the Indians weren't forced to leave.


Keyplace t1_je1pc11 wrote

That's not how you spell "Indigenous". The word "indigent" means something else. Also, please do some research before expressing an uneducated opinion.

"In spite of a later tendency in the Southern colonies to differentiate the African slave from the Indian, chattel slavery was built on a preexisting system of Indian slavery.

Even though the arrival of Africans in 1619 began to change the face of slavery in North America from “tawny” Indian to “blackamoor” African, Indian slaves were exported throughout the Caribbean often in trade for Africans.

During this transitional period, Africans and Americans Indians shared the common experience of enslavement."

Edit: lmao y'all really dislike looking truth in the face huh


bignutsx1000 t1_je2rqkc wrote

And we're lucky to live in a time unlike any other in which that we can talk about and address these issues, even just knowing of them; move forward knowing the sins of our fathers and make a just world from a flawed history which we cannot change


ItsBaconOclock t1_je36ffx wrote

Sir or Madam,

You are in Reddit, where comments must be in the form of a teenage edge lord ranting. Example:

"I don't see the point, bad stuff happened in the history book I skimmed in class today. Did you ever hear about [insert atrocity here]?! This proves that everything is absolutely irredeemable!

I mean, I've never been anywhere or done anything, but I definitely know that it's all bad, everything's bad.

I mean, my parents grounded me! No one understands me!!"

Please take these positive comments, where you remind others that we live in the absolute best time in human history, to a place that deserves it.



Ruuuh t1_je46iio wrote

Impressive how comments like this, perfectly factual, get downvoted to oblivion. People do love their comfortable bubbles.


cbri t1_je1fkch wrote

Lets not pretend the USA is evil because some of the deeds done in the past.

The USA has done the most work trying to bring free & democracy to oppressed people.

If they failed it's not their fault the people they were trying to help didn't keep what was given to them.

De Oppresso Liber


JavaTea t1_je1hq8q wrote

Oh you sweet Summer child...


cbri t1_je1mr9l wrote

You can hate on the usa all you want you're just wrong.


MinimumWade t1_je1oddy wrote

The USA has been meddling in the affairs of the rest of the world for the best part of the last 100 years to further their own interests to the detriment of many.


tehpenguins t1_je1vfkn wrote

That's the thing. You can totally dislike something, and that's okay.


BikerJedi t1_je1yc84 wrote

>The USA has done the most work trying to bring free & democracy to oppressed people.

As someone who actually served in our military - no we haven't.


speaks_truth_2_kiwis t1_je1npdq wrote

>Lets not pretend the USA is evil because some of the deeds done in the past.

The USA is evil because of the deeds it continues to do to this day.

Which it continues to claim to be righteous every time.


cbri t1_je2zj57 wrote

Not going to argue with anti-american people.

Let's ask Ukraine if they think the USA is evil like you all think.

Whatever. You can hate on something all you want. I just hope you're not in the USA doing it.


speaks_truth_2_kiwis t1_je3aalm wrote

> Not going to argue with anti-american people.

Proceeds to argue.

> Let's ask Ukraine if they think the USA is evil like you all think.

"Ukraine" is a country, not a person. A lot of Ukrainians have left Ukraine since 2014. Shall we ask them?

> I just hope you're not in the USA doing it.

I hope you are.


Devoplus19 t1_je3cnbj wrote

Isn’t fairly criticizing something that you care about, in hopes of learning from mistakes as well as triumphs, in order to create a better future the truest form of patriotism?


GnomaPhobic t1_je0zrhd wrote

First we need help, then we get help, then we help others.


redditreader1123 t1_je1uyod wrote

This helps everyone. They'll be seeing lots of destroyed buildings in Ukraine - decent practice.


RanoutofBananas t1_je35een wrote

Umm where's the step of collect and generate profit based off disasters and virtue signaling. You can't forget that step, it's am important process of modern business.

Like everyone says why help someone for free when you can charge them monthly with monthly sub installments.






redcowerranger t1_je0zp9x wrote

The Ukrainians are banking on sheer good-will and friendship to fund their defense, and it’s fucking working.


Qaz_ t1_je26yle wrote

it’s also the mentality people have from Eastern Europe

yeah life sucks, you’re poor as fuck, government sucks and is corrupt, but people are going to be helpful - in part because they are banking on you helping them when they’re in need

plus the opportunity to come to America is like winning the lottery since even American minimum wage is rich compared to the pay in Ukraine so there’s a desire to repay the favor somehow


Spddracer t1_je35di6 wrote

It takes a village.

Now if everyone could recognize we live in a global community and helping one another is in everyone's interest maybe we could start to get somewhere.

We are all on this rock together.


deviprsd t1_je3m1fc wrote

Capitalism would disagree with you lol


Spddracer t1_je3njy0 wrote

I am not naive enough to believe it is possible.

But I do believe in the idea. And I believe that kindness is free and worth sharing. If I walk that lonely road then I will be there.


deviprsd t1_je4yv25 wrote

Greenday 🤘🏽


Spddracer t1_je57jqe wrote

As someone who got the Dookie CD from WalMart when it came out, I didn't even think about that. 😁


PlasticDreamz t1_je263oz wrote

well they needed help, we helped them so now they’re already repaying it. It should say more about lazy americans that we are glamorizing it than them paying their dues. I would want to do the same if I was in a new country seeking asylum and no longer had my usual life to lead. good on them


geekgrrl0 t1_je306qf wrote

Lazy Americans who are working for shit wages at 3 jobs in order to afford rent? I'm in Canada and we're not that much better off, but most of the lazy Americans I see in your country are the 1% and a good portion of your US Congress. The average American works hard, I don't know where you live that you don't see that. Don't trust your news media, they like you picking on each other and not pointing the finger at the truly lazy (see above)


PlasticDreamz t1_je35xsx wrote

yeah i was being harsh not to expect someone to be triggered. most americans aren’t going to do much out of what they have to do. lots of people my age don’t do anything and can hardly make it to 1 minimum wage job


Nickblove t1_je2m4ev wrote

It doesn’t matter, the fact that they sent people at a time they are fighting for their home says everything. They didn’t have to but they did. Thats a A+ in my book.


deadkactus t1_je21g5d wrote

And the fact that their land is fertile and strategic as hell


wayfarout t1_je15wrt wrote

If this attitude is cultural send us more please.


ElectrikDonuts OP t1_je1bnew wrote

I wouldn’t be surprised. Ukrainians had to work under the USSR. Far from privileged, they would easily pull more than their weight in the US. They are good ppl and deserve better.


HelgaBorisova t1_je2fzpy wrote

I believe it is cultural. I grew up in Ukraine and lived until I was 24 y.o. And looking back, I never was worried about finding a place to sleep when I hitchhiked around Ukraine in my high school and student years, because strangers always would open their doors for me or give me a ride for free without expecting anything in return, when I was older and got stuck in the snow blizzard with other cars and couldn’t get back home and Ukrainian 911 told me to rescue myself, some strangers in the next village opened their houses for all people who got stuck, and were helping us to clear the road to move our cars after blizzard passed. When my old car was getting stuck during winter, there were always people who helped to push it out back on the road. Same if your tire gets damaged - someone will always stop to help.


vladlearns t1_je21csk wrote

As a Ukrainian, I am proud.


betakurt t1_je3795l wrote

As a Mississippian, I am proud and thankful for you. Your people are at war and can find the time and energy to do this. I am so impressed and wish more people in the world thought like this.


suborbitaldrift t1_je389yv wrote

Mississippian as well. I can only hope that the rest of the state extends some southern hospitality and drops political bullshit for those that willingly came to help some counties at their lowest; completely destroyed.


bejeesus t1_je13c2p wrote

Good deal. We need all the help we can get. Rolling Fork got wiped out.


ssfbob t1_je1obtg wrote

I live on the coast and I remember after Katrina seeing utility trucks with license plates from not only nearly every state, but from Mexico. I love seeing people come together when it's really needed.


Stile2112 t1_je14zkl wrote

My company had crews rolling as soon as the storm passed. They will be putting power poles back up for weeks.


FreedomPaws t1_je188l2 wrote

Such good people. Thank you for your help.

They also sent some to help in Turkey after the earthquake.


[deleted] t1_je1905h wrote



K1FF3N t1_je19ep1 wrote

Ukraine sent people to Turkey…


Gloriathewitch t1_je19j51 wrote

Read the comment again.

He said they(Ukrainians) sent help to Turkey.


cbri t1_je1e56g wrote

Ah you're right I read it fast.

Turkey is blocking Sweden from joining NATO because it wants so called 'terrorists', but all they did was demonstrate against the govt.

Turkey currently sucks imo. They're leaning towards russia even though they're part of NATO. Which they shouldn't be along with Hungary.


FlounderOdd7234 t1_je17gwj wrote

This is how the world should work-helping each other. We are all here for a short time. Helping/Kindness, I think people have forgotten what it is. Thx


Scarfee t1_je2imo6 wrote

I am proud to be a Ukrainian today.


TactlesslyTactful t1_je2489s wrote

It's bad enough they had to endure the trauma of fleeing for their lives from a war zone.

They don't need to be exposed to Mississippi next


Verifieddumbass76584 t1_je1akmw wrote

When you were in a position where you desperately needed help, it's a special connection helping others.


z0rb0r t1_je30cnm wrote

Resisting a Russian invasion must makes dealing a tornado feel like a picnic. Slava Ukraini


kashmirGoat t1_je2t3ap wrote

It's like you Ukranians wear blue underwear with a big S on the chest.

Thank you.


stonehaven22 t1_je2zjnp wrote

we need more ukrainian send em here


BitterLeif t1_je3c0rm wrote

I checked a government site for emergency response in my area, and they're full. They're still recruiting medical professionals and other specific qualified personnel, but they are not looking for grunts. I'm kinda strong, and I thought I could help my community if they need someone to show up and fill sand bags, organize and distribute supplies, etc. Nope. They do not need that kind of help.


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HavingALittleFit t1_je4r76v wrote

Hopefully these aren't the same refugees who couldn't live in Birmingham UK because of how many blacks and Muslims were in the area because Minnesota is going to be a problem too haha


NurgleTheUnclean t1_je58jbg wrote

Little did they know that the Republicans there were rooting for the Russians.


marklondon66 t1_je47gt1 wrote

Its ok everyone, we'll indoctrinate them shortly.

Can't be having this behavior here.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_je1jsnc wrote

I'm upset about the tornado but at least it wasn't in South Mississippi where people are eating Faux News up here about quitting support for Ukraine. I'm not sure if the people down here would truly appreciate the help and understand it.

Hopefully Rolling Fork can build back better and stronger. Dixie Alley folk need to stick together.


calzone_king t1_je2o4fm wrote

I live in one of the towns the tornado hit. Pretty much everyone I know falls somewhere on the conservative spectrum. Our representative is Trent goddamn Kelly. Though that doesn't mean we deserve to be wiped out by a tornado.


MafiaMommaBruno t1_je3au75 wrote

I'm currently in Hattiesburg who was hit in 2013. Definitely understand the conservative spectrum in MS. No one deserves to be wiped out by a tornado. My comment was more about how conservatives don't want to support Ukraine but there's people from Ukraine coming to MS to help the.