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SpectralMagic t1_je1hw3q wrote

They will be chasing that high for the rest of their life. All they will find is disappointment and sorrow


BatteryAcid67 t1_je1klrs wrote

Or wisely invest this and turn it into a 10 more money and have a great life of fun and freedom


razblack t1_je22k8b wrote

How much is 10 more money.... is that an Australian kangaroo dollar?


CassandraVindicated t1_je3vh8u wrote

It also depends on the value. If that number we are seeing is just the value of the processed gold, there is likely more value in the raw nuggets itself. It's be better if it were and all jangly put pure nuggets, but still.

I hope they do take that money and invest it, kind of like a gambler building up a nest egg.