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k4ndlej4ck t1_je1o5ud wrote

The cooling clouds only offset the extra heat generated by the greenhouse effect. So it's not cooling, it's just heating up slower than we thought, which obviously doesn't undo any damages caused. What a joke of a deliberately misworded article.


Jonah_the_Whale t1_je35q9a wrote

Darn it. I was hoping meat was back on the menu. All those cow belches cooling the atmosphere. Oh well, back to oat milk.


mistled_LP t1_je39j8k wrote

It literally says it offsets the heat? I read the title exactly as you restated it.


killertortilla t1_je3kita wrote

People misuse “offset” a lot. Companies offering “carbon offsets” are pretty much all lying to you. It’s just there to make you feel better.


NotTakenName1 t1_je44cmn wrote

All i could think when i saw the title was "Sure Exxon... Go fuck yourself"


ackillesBAC t1_je6a0m1 wrote

This study was funded by Exxon... just joking, I have no idea who actually funded it


keintime t1_je1veki wrote

Methane - Now with 30% less catastrophic consequences!*


-mumbles in quick voice-

*This advertising is not a guarantee of current or future methane related effects. All comments made are not subject to international standards and do not indicate liability by the sponsors


Explorers_bub t1_je1z7yx wrote

You work for Big tobacco?

Isn’t it like 23x worse than CO2? So still like 16x worse?


FandomMenace t1_je1keqh wrote

Cold comfort to people getting annihilated by the effects of climate change.


Cwallace98 t1_je2laka wrote

Hot comfort usually.


Explorers_bub t1_je32r4o wrote

If it gets any warmer, I don’t know how people can fall sleep at night. We’ll all die of insomnia.


Tobias_Atwood t1_je3i7on wrote

Basement apartments will start to be in fashion after a while.


pickleer t1_je3bo06 wrote

Not when wind chill and bodily heat loss due to drowning are factored in!


roygbpcub t1_je1nger wrote

Paraphrasing: yeah methane doesn't just trap heat to the planet it also blocks some...

This isn't a "yay" moment it's were not accurately calculating how screwed we are.


thumbelina1234 t1_je3q6k7 wrote

Sponsored by beef producers😸


External_Disastrous t1_jebz7eh wrote

Yeah that’s what I came to comment too haha! This feels like methane producers sponsored the story haha


NLwino t1_je21oh9 wrote

All Negative comments will be removed and will possibly result in a ban.

Time to get to work then in these comments... Having a reduction in the effect of climate change is still a positive thing compared to no reduction. Climate change is not a all or nothing thing.


Tobias_Atwood t1_je3ijc6 wrote

>All Negative comments will be removed and will possibly result in a ban.

If this was enforced I'd have been banned a long damn time ago.

So many articles posted here are too horrifying to not comment on it.


Athena5898 t1_jeaf657 wrote

yeah lets make this a echo chamber where we allow misinformation to run amock and set us back.

I love me some uplifting news, and you have to go find it cause capitalism wants us to despair, however, there is a balance to be had with noncritical thinking optimism.

Besides if any is using this space as a reason *not* to do anything to fight for a better world, then they are part of the problem.


Explorers_bub t1_je33upb wrote

There is no reduction. No one has changed their actions. The party will only end in 51 years instead of 50.



DreamSmuggler t1_je3bvc5 wrote

I thought we were all meant to be underwater a couple decades back?

I would love to see what the climate settles into when I stop seeing chem trails in the sky on the daily for a year or two. That seems like a much easier intervention to apply than telling everyone to stop using their cars and eating food.


Explorers_bub t1_je3eamv wrote

Chemtrails aren’t real. You (clean) burn petrol, you get CO2 and H2O.

It’s the big corporations that make the largest impact. The top 10% of countries, i.e. US, 50% and bottom 50% only 10% combined. China is the biggest emitter by tonnage.

US will always have the most cumulative effect due to size, waste, and being early developed, compounded over the years. The world would go to hell pretty quickly if everyone were able to live like us.


DreamSmuggler t1_je3fck0 wrote

That's really weird... Because here in Australia we have had legislation since, I think, the 70s, allowing for exactly that. It's not exactly a secret, man. Even on Top Gear they had an episode with weather manipulation. China had a song and dance about it not that long ago


frealfr t1_je2k64r wrote

So leave cows alone. Moooo!


bingold49 t1_je1zjt4 wrote

Doesn't methane also cycle after 10 years as opposed to CO2 which could be up to 1000?


faciepalm t1_je39enl wrote

This is exactly the reason why reducing methane can be so beneficial in the short term, if we stop replacing the gas that's breaking down we will see benefits immediately, whereas CO2 will have to be actively removed


pickleer t1_je3br3l wrote

Yeah, right, SURE!! Exactly WHO funded this study/paper?


NotTakenName1 t1_je44hvy wrote

Exxon of course


/s but i mean with recent revelations in mind it may very well be true...


pickleer t1_je81hr4 wrote

I'm more inclined to believe some super-intelligent critter will crawl up out of one of our superfund sites, all its genetics super-screwed from our environmental futt-buckery, and it shows us a few tricks that reverse the ice-melt and zaps a bunch of cancers and viruses lately liberated from the permafrost and denuded rain forest land!

But, pray tell, what are these "recent revelations" you speak of?


NotTakenName1 t1_je97m9g wrote

That Rex Tillerson is actually an alien in disguise setting up the Earth for an invasion of alien species which will take over our planet. To think he was actually in the highest level of government a few years back sends chills to my spine. See they need a higher temperature to thrive so this has been in the works for over decades and will make their move when the temperature is 1.5c above average. Some people are aware of this hence the fight against climate change and the emphasis on keeping the warming below 1.5c so we can keep the aliens out!

Wake up and look around! Now is the time!


rollerska8er t1_je5xwp3 wrote

Probably still shouldn't pump it into the atmosphere, mind.


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kzlife76 t1_je1pf4s wrote

Does this mean we can still eat steak?


kurtcobainwaskilled t1_je1zlm3 wrote

you could always eat steak because individual action is not going to stop climate change. it’s up to the 100 corporations who account for what, 70% emissions?


Margidoz t1_je2l8zb wrote

How exactly are corporations supposed to reduce emissions without people consuming less?


cardmanimgur t1_je2vr3e wrote

Well it would involve spending money into cleaner practices and cutting into profits... So not going to happen.


spotted-cat t1_je3lfhi wrote

The government could outlaw beef farms and find some sort of substitute. Like in Japan beef is supposedly stupid expensive so some people substitute with horse meat. Which sounds kinda yuck until you consider the fact that McDonald’s is allowed to make rat burgers with no legal consequences whatsoever.


Margidoz t1_je3onyv wrote

Why would any politicians kill their career by banning something widely popular?


spotted-cat t1_je3oz9l wrote

It wouldn’t kill their career — they’d gain the vote of the entire green party. Plus, even if they did it’d be hard to enforce anyway — there’d totally be a black market beef market. Like if people already have a shit-ton of beef cows the government could not possibly stop them all from slaughtering them all at once and selling it off to friends and family.


Cwallace98 t1_je2ljpp wrote

I can buy that Dodge Ram then? And tear out that pesky catalytic converter?


kinzer13 t1_je3q4np wrote

Just park it unattended in any city and you won't have to take it out yourself!


Margidoz t1_je2l65x wrote

Well no, we should still choose to not unnecessarily harm animals


NoAd5230 t1_je3s533 wrote

Anerobic methane from cattle is Carbon neutral. Methane was never really a problem with livestock.


ReasonableOutrage t1_je3ivtc wrote

This headline reads like something out of Thank You For Smoking.


DarkfangRS t1_je4gakg wrote

What I can’t believe is how people go out and tell others not to do certain things because it pollutes the earth in some way, don’t eat steak, or stop using your car. then those same people go and reproduce and have a child essentially doubling , tripling, quadrupling, the amount of pollution they technically have enabled on the planet all for their own selfish desire to reproduce.


Designer-Mirror-7995 t1_je5uf3s wrote

Coincidentally... An article about methane currently leaking into the Ohio River after a crash of multiple barges.


TheRedBeardedPrick t1_je3u6zf wrote

Duh..... Anyone that even kind of knows chemistry, knows this.


WoodyTN1978 t1_je8tb5x wrote

Cow farts yea that matters... not India or China's pollution. Great Job Joe! Climate isn't changing.


Mr-Korv t1_je1zmg0 wrote

More beef!


Pikkornator t1_je2svzh wrote

Makes you wonder how many other things they got wrong! I mean this whole push to eletric is just because the american petro dollar will be crushed and they want more control.


Jean-Rasczak t1_je1l7c6 wrote

Convenient after that massive “*accidental”methane Dump from NORD2

  • the term accidental does all the heavy lifting, for the thing was blown up by the US of A

CustosEcheveria t1_je1s48h wrote

> the thing was blown up by the US of A

That's not how you spell Muscovy


roguetk422 t1_je1mjf1 wrote

War crime apologist detected


Jean-Rasczak t1_je1sb25 wrote

Um hardly bud. We committed an act of war when we bombed it so idk wtf you’re going on about


Eig8t86 t1_je1iu2h wrote

Hear that vegans


MrTraps t1_je1k881 wrote

Ya mean the world's not gonna end in 15 minutes!?!? 🤯