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Explorers_bub t1_je33upb wrote

There is no reduction. No one has changed their actions. The party will only end in 51 years instead of 50.



DreamSmuggler t1_je3bvc5 wrote

I thought we were all meant to be underwater a couple decades back?

I would love to see what the climate settles into when I stop seeing chem trails in the sky on the daily for a year or two. That seems like a much easier intervention to apply than telling everyone to stop using their cars and eating food.


Explorers_bub t1_je3eamv wrote

Chemtrails aren’t real. You (clean) burn petrol, you get CO2 and H2O.

It’s the big corporations that make the largest impact. The top 10% of countries, i.e. US, 50% and bottom 50% only 10% combined. China is the biggest emitter by tonnage.

US will always have the most cumulative effect due to size, waste, and being early developed, compounded over the years. The world would go to hell pretty quickly if everyone were able to live like us.


DreamSmuggler t1_je3fck0 wrote

That's really weird... Because here in Australia we have had legislation since, I think, the 70s, allowing for exactly that. It's not exactly a secret, man. Even on Top Gear they had an episode with weather manipulation. China had a song and dance about it not that long ago