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pickleer t1_je3br3l wrote

Yeah, right, SURE!! Exactly WHO funded this study/paper?


NotTakenName1 t1_je44hvy wrote

Exxon of course


/s but i mean with recent revelations in mind it may very well be true...


pickleer t1_je81hr4 wrote

I'm more inclined to believe some super-intelligent critter will crawl up out of one of our superfund sites, all its genetics super-screwed from our environmental futt-buckery, and it shows us a few tricks that reverse the ice-melt and zaps a bunch of cancers and viruses lately liberated from the permafrost and denuded rain forest land!

But, pray tell, what are these "recent revelations" you speak of?


NotTakenName1 t1_je97m9g wrote

That Rex Tillerson is actually an alien in disguise setting up the Earth for an invasion of alien species which will take over our planet. To think he was actually in the highest level of government a few years back sends chills to my spine. See they need a higher temperature to thrive so this has been in the works for over decades and will make their move when the temperature is 1.5c above average. Some people are aware of this hence the fight against climate change and the emphasis on keeping the warming below 1.5c so we can keep the aliens out!

Wake up and look around! Now is the time!