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PopeHonkersXII t1_je6dlfu wrote

Just to be clear, he's still alive. He just isn't working at Disney anymore.


jezra t1_je65py9 wrote

nothing says 'uplifting' like 7000 people losing their jobs?


NerdNuncle OP t1_je6c26c wrote

Ike losing his job after mistreating staff and being an all around terrible person is the uplifting news amidst the tragedy of 6,999 other people losing their livelihoods

In hindsight, this Reddit may not have been the most appropriate venue but still applicable until or unless there’s one dedicated to silver linings, looking on the bright(er) side of life, etc


e105beta t1_je69p5g wrote

No, you don’t get it: we replaced one greedy Disney capitalist with another Disney capitalist. Absolute win.


jezra t1_je6a30t wrote

maybe OP is a disney shareholder


Dirtilie_Dirtle t1_je64l8g wrote

Out of the loop, why was Ike a bad guy? Honest question, I’ve never heard of the guy.


Romer3491 t1_jea10uu wrote

He was one of Donald Trump's largest campaign donors. Super racist, delusionally anti-woke, ran the company like a tyrant, etc. He was infamous for trying to fire Kevin Fiege in the early days of the MCU.


CaptHayfever t1_jeay5zq wrote

Amongst other reasons:

  • His reasoning for replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle was that "no one would know the difference" because both are black (as opposed to more valid reasons like "Howard is a domestic abuser" or "Howard is a lunatic who thinks 1*1=2" or "Cheadle is a way better actor").
  • He forced Kevin Feige & Shane Black to change the villain of Iron Man 3 from Maya Hansen to Aldrich Killian, under the claim that toys of women wouldn't sell (& then he didn't bother making toys of Killian anyway).
  • He drove Patty Jenkins away from directing Thor 2, which in turn led to Natalie Portman phoning in that performance & then walking away from the MCU.
  • Similarly, he's the reason Pepper Potts didn't show up anytime between Iron Man 3 and Homecoming, even though Tony Stark did (Paltrow refused to work with such a raging misogynist anymore).
  • He tried to get Feige fired at some point for no good reason.
  • He was the reason no Black Widow movie made the release slate in the first 2.5 phases.
  • He's the reason X-Men & Fantastic Four comics were so sparse for a long time; he didn't want to promote IPs that they didn't have the film rights to.
  • He drove Feige to threaten to quit over their arguments about putting Downey in Civil War; Perlmutter didn't want to pay Downey's salary for it. (This is what led Iger to reorganize Marvel Studios into the Disney film division, so Feige then reported to Alan Horn instead of to Perlmutter.)
  • He refused to greenlight Black Panther or Captain Marvel unless Feige also greenlit an Inhumans movie that Feige had no interest in making. Upon Marvel Studios' emancipation, Feige immediately canceled the Inhumans movie, which led Perlmutter to force Jeph Loeb (Marvel Television was still stuck in the Marvel Entertainment division) to rush out the Inhumans show instead as quickly & cheaply as possible.
  • He actually blocked Marvel Studios from making bigger references to the Marvel Television productions, even though they wanted to.

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FourChanneI t1_je5x68t wrote

What was his pay though when he left like Bonus? Most of these people get huge ones.