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_music_mongrel t1_je8ac1z wrote

That would be migration


jeho22 t1_je8bjmf wrote

OK... if I have an indoor cat, and an outdoor cat, and the indoor cat dies... indoor cats are now extinct in my house, yes?

I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a brat. But I feel that using this term, that has historically been used to represent the end of a species forever, in this way that focuses on regional populations instead, will only degrade the seriousness of 'extinction' to the public in general. Pushing extinction this way in social media will only dull people's reaction to it in the long run. And there's already a word for what this is trying to do anyway, extirpation. But people on social media don't know that word, so well here we are ;)

Call it regional extinction, or locally extinct, and we'll all on the same page at least.


Blaze___27 t1_jeakdm8 wrote

and after getting new shoes please study about the topic before commenting about it