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OftheSorrowfulFace t1_je823ph wrote

It's a beautiful airport, and Singapore's subway is so cheap and efficient it's really easy to get into the city and back during a layover.


Spalooga t1_je7zwou wrote

That inside looks beautiful.
I wish all large indoor building looked like forests inside, shopping centres etc


ethereal3xp OP t1_je7vn0s wrote

>Singapore’s Changi has regained its title as the world’s best airport, after losing its long-held crown to Qatar for two years running during the height of pandemic travel restrictions.

The Asian hub edged Doha’s Hamad International Airport into second place, with Tokyo’s Haneda Airport bagging third, in the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2023. The U.S. was conspicuous by its absence in the top 10.

“Changi Airport is honored to be named World’s Best Airport for the twelfth time,” said Lee Seow Hiang, Chief Executive Officer for Changi Airport Group. “This recognition is great encouragement to our airport community, who stood firmly together to battle the challenges of Covid-19 over the past two years.”

The Skytrax World Airport Awards are determined by customer satisfaction survey.

These are the World’s Best Airports of 2023, along with their 2022 rankings:

Singapore Changi (3)

Doha Hamad (1)

Tokyo Haneda (2)

Seoul Incheon (5)

Paris Charles de Galle (6)

Istanbul (8)

Munich (7)

Zurich (9)

Tokyo Narita (4)

Madrid Barajas (16)

Vienna (19)

Helsinki-Vantaa (11)

Rome Fiumicino (24)

Copenhagen (17)

Kansai (10)

Centrair Nagoya (12)

Dubai (14)

Seattle-Tacoma (27)

Melbourne (26)

Vancouver (28)


ICameToUpdoot t1_je99d0w wrote

I'm sorry, but Narita being so high up makes me angry. I sleept on the floor there twice during my Japan visit during Christmas. All restaurants close super early, so between 17 and 9 the next day the only food you can get is from a convince store in the basement and transport that stops close to midnight so you can miss the last train because the plane was delayed.


gofyourselftoo t1_je83leb wrote

Not a fan of Qatar’s airport. It’s just so “busy” and slick. I guess if that’s your style it’s fab. I’ll take the outdoors-in style anyway.


Thumbsupordown t1_je9mloe wrote

Not surprised. They opened the Changi Jewel in 2019 which is freakishly huuuge mall next to terminal 1, and they are getting terminal 5 constructed to make the airport twice as big. The existing terminals have lots to do and see for everyone. It's super clean. I don't ever mind spending long layovers there.


ethereal3xp OP t1_jebodig wrote

Yeah... its almost futuristic imo

And could be a model to copy... in the event outdoor living is not feasable?

Example... need to conserve water/utilize rain water in a very efficient way

Utilize rainfall to assist with electricity/create a man made indoor river.... for drinking water.

Build with window solar panels to assist with electricity.

Indoor rainforest to provide oxygen/oxygen cycle


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