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HappyLittleRadishes t1_je9j8bc wrote

pretty logical solution


killemslowly t1_jeavkni wrote

Combat club is intriguing.


Pobbes t1_jebrsck wrote

Meh, their heel trajectory has been kinda predictable since Regal left like he did.


LiviRivi t1_jees6q0 wrote

Places I did not expect to see people talk about WWE...


QueenOfAllTheLizards t1_je9rju3 wrote

Is there an American chapter yet?


Gimme_The_Loot t1_je9tlfu wrote

Be the change you want to see in the world.


MelancholyMushroom t1_jea290o wrote

I’d join! Where do we go to start one I wonder… It’s so hard when money is so tight and everyone demands a monthly fee. I just want to sit in a room or chat in a park without worrying how much it’ll cost me per hour.


H1ld3gunst t1_jeaf7vz wrote

Try Mastodon, make a community in your town. It’s not that popular, but fully free.


crapolantern t1_jeamzh7 wrote

My wife joined a Facebook group for making friends in our area and has had some luck, there's probably one where you are?


ojdewar t1_jediuwk wrote

Depends on where you live though. In my area it seems to be a platform to advertise tech conferences. I don’t work in that field. How do I show less of these?


QueenOfAllTheLizards t1_jea0ei5 wrote

Okay, then you open up a chapter for me :)


Gimme_The_Loot t1_jea5r57 wrote

No we're talking about the change YOU want to see in the world, not the change I want to see


cradugamer t1_jeby5qd wrote

Be the change I want you to see in the world


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cradugamer t1_jebzc21 wrote

That's crazy I wonder how that came to be 😵‍💫


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It looks like your comment closely matches the famous quote:

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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GameDestiny2 t1_je9vubv wrote

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[deleted] t1_jeatusj wrote

Seriously, let's open one!


QueenOfAllTheLizards t1_jeav9x8 wrote

I'm dealing with some really heavy shit right now in my personal life so I don't have any time left to plan something like this out. However if anyone lives near eastern Maryland or Delaware I'd be down to meet some of you awesome people. :)


elderly_millenial t1_jeahmya wrote

Have you checked meetup? If nothing like it exists I’m sure you can start one!

Edit: I would start it for you, but I’m a dude


dbxp t1_jeb8mek wrote

Just look on Meetup, there's tons of similar groups all over the world, has been for years


ASpellingAirror t1_je9sv8l wrote

This is the stuff that is needed to combat the social void that is being created by people becoming less and less religious. Regardless of beliefs, one major thing that organized religion always centered around was community and social elements. People’s entire social circle used to be tied to their church. As people continue to move away from organized religion there is going to be a bigger and bigger need for social groups like this, because people still are tribal and need that engagement and interaction.


alancake t1_jea3vvc wrote

This is definitely true of the US. The UK has not had religion as a cornerstone of community for a long time. My town's landmark church (huge, ornate and beautiful) has only survived by reinventing itself as a secular community hub as well as still conducting its religious services. So now we have this gorgeous building holding flower festivals, theatre productions, science fairs, ice skating, cinema showings, an annual beer festival and much more, in addition to running a coffee shop and childrens play area for anyone who just wants to pop in. It's wonderful, and much more in line with the community hub it would have originally been centuries ago.


goldenhawkes t1_jea5lr5 wrote

Yep. My grandparents entire social life was dominated by the church. Ladies group, men’s group, the marrieds group (they founded it when they were all young and newlywed, and had to change the name at some point…) scouts, guides, youth clubs, Sunday school, choir, coffee mornings…. All of it. The harvest suppers and Christmas variety show, the musical performances. I remember it when I was a kid in the 90s and it “wasn’t like the old days” and then it all stopped. They’ve sold off some of the substantial hall space now. My grandparents and all their friends are gone.


howwhyno t1_jebm04l wrote

My husband and I talk about this a lot. I was raised religiously, he was not. First time he went to church was in his late 20s with me. I was mostly a Chr-Easter by then being in my 20s and such (hard to get to church w a hangover). Over the years I just stopped going. Recently my 3yo asked if we could go to church. And we started going weekly bc honestly it was something to do and get out of the house w a toddler who is pretty well behaved lol she loves church! My husband was saying how post-covid we may see more of a return to churches as a form of community bc we are all so isolated and lonely. I am skeptical bc I can also see us going further into isolation....but I'm interested to see.


the_card_guy t1_je9vvee wrote

So Reddit loves to shit on anything involving religion, and I don't deny that religion has done tons of awful things... But one of its purposes was to ultimately bring people together who would otherwise have no reason to come together. Plus, you could usually bring the whole family

Let's just say it's a damn shame that so many Redditors would prefer to interact with other people online (if they choose to interact with other people at all!), behind anonymous names... But the majority of the human population does, in fact, need that human connection.


Grievuuz t1_je9yv8c wrote

Prefer to interact with people online, to what alternative?


the_card_guy t1_jea2ex9 wrote

I wonder if it ever occurs to Redditors to go offline and interact with people within the town or city they live in. This is something that seems to be a foreign and maybe even scary idea to them.


Grievuuz t1_jea4uu2 wrote

Pretty big hateboner you got there. Show me on the doll where the mean redditor hurt you :p

Also I was just asking because it sounded like you were talking up joining organized religion as a solution to loneliness, which is pretty fucked up :p


Babymicrowavable t1_jea7v7t wrote

It is a little bit, when most of the people around you are fascists that hate you for things you can't change about yourself, and if you tried you'd be fucking miserable. Fuck small towns


Alexexy t1_jebgpey wrote

I'm a minority that experiences racism on a monthly, if not weekly basis and I still manage to make and find connections rather commonly.

If the handful of bad people stopped me from meeting people who are nice and gracious then I would be miserable too.


Babymicrowavable t1_jebi19f wrote

Yeah that is possible. I'm personally pretty happy, I just go to the next town over

I love your attitude


CountOmar t1_jeah3ky wrote

Calling people fascists is the sort of thing that redditors do that makes it hard for them to make friends in the real world


Dorocche t1_jebp7rw wrote

"Was," religion is still here, and there's no reason it has to keep going away.


Wimbly512 t1_je9u2er wrote

I agree. That is usually the biggest issue friends of mine had if they left or had to change their church was the loss of the social gatherings and community support.


Kyrkby t1_jea865p wrote

I hastily misread this as "thousands of women join combat club" and figured it was like Fight Club but only for women.


goliathfasa t1_jeal1rg wrote

It’s all fun and games until Heather Swanson joins the fight club.


whataledge t1_jea05oz wrote

I'm part of this Facebook group and people are so friendly and wholesome there! Lots of meetups going on, advice etc. I did a meetup last year during Ramadan, about 30 girls went out for iftar. Just set up an event and people will turn up.


Skyblacker t1_jeabdi6 wrote

Your comment is ironic because someone else said this ladies group was a social replacement for religion.


basicallyasking47 t1_je9oeh0 wrote

Is there a male version of this? 👀


QueenOfAllTheLizards t1_je9sbb6 wrote

I wish there was. We women get a bad rap for being vulnerable with our feelings but guys deserve to have a space where they can be vulnerable too.


Jersey_Jerker069 t1_jebxp86 wrote

>guys deserve to have a space where they can be vulnerable too

Yeah, that'll never happen. Too many toxic dudes out here.


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_jec5nhr wrote

Women perpetuate it just as much as men do my dude


symbolsofblue t1_jeckjrd wrote

Sure, but they're talking about men's space, and I don't think women are involved in that.


ZMech t1_je9ttsu wrote

Yup, or at least in the UK there's a few options such as Talk Club


iK_550 t1_je9t43q wrote

Me and you mate can start one. Pinky promise? 👀


ComadoreJackSparrow t1_je9xcwq wrote

Yeah sports clubs.


basicallyasking47 t1_je9zm8t wrote

I’m not interested in sports unfortunately


Babouka t1_jeajumx wrote

Boardgames, video games, cars, sports (all different ranges like hockey, hiking, golfing). Just type the hobby you are interested in and join a group. Near where I live there is a men social club, a real mgtow group (not the fake one that just complain and put down women). They hang at a bar, they have music, booze and they have a blast. They don't accept any kind of misogyny or incels view though.


seniorfrito t1_je9oq8e wrote

I'm glad guys can just play video games and be completely distracted from the loneliness for a while. And when we're done with that, we've got The Mandalorian.


Dogenegra t1_je9psr1 wrote

Yes because famously women never play games or watch star wars


MateDude098 t1_je9r8pf wrote

Statistically speaking, much fewer of them. But they have other hobbies to compensate so your argument stays


GoBanana42 t1_jea1vh1 wrote

If we're including casual gaming (which we should cause it's 60% of the market), that's not really true. Women dominate mobile phone games.


MateDude098 t1_jea2ao8 wrote

I didn't think about mobile games but, hmm, that makes sense.


celticchrys t1_jeaasa7 wrote

Men could also join clubs, community sports teams, etc.


seniorfrito t1_jeb1qcd wrote

Agreed. I don't know why most don't. Or why men like me resort to just distraction instead.


zzyul t1_jecum1w wrote

Every community sports team I’ve joined has been insanely competitive. Like I’m just there to hang out and have fun but like everyone else seems to think this is their shot at making the pros.


flaminate_strutching t1_je9sm0p wrote

Boohoo, why aren’t the women making a group for us, too?? It isn’t faaaaiiirrrrr that they’re solving their own problems by themselves but not solving mine for me!


seniorfrito t1_je9t4hk wrote

What a vivid imagination you have there. Congratulations, well done. You have successfully projected your completely wrong perception of this. Thank you so much for sharing.


FakePersonNotReal t1_je9su9d wrote

Wish they had this in my city!


Mazzidazs t1_jeaayw3 wrote

Start one in your city on I used to start groups whenever I moved and met my best friends through the groups.


P5ych0pathV2 t1_je9s6vo wrote

Can't wait for all the comments from true alpha males about how these women wouldn't be lonely if they'd give nice guys a chance.


tallorai t1_je9xtp8 wrote

I think theyll just be mad that this hasnt been set up for men yet because they expect us to do it for them.


Baconbits16 t1_je9y6ux wrote

Not defending it, but try being gaslight everyday on dating apps while resisting the urge to rage about it somewhere online lol.

Anyway the whole thing's fucked once sex robots come out via chatgpt.


P5ych0pathV2 t1_jea00v1 wrote

Being nice to women isn't a punch card for sex. You also have to have a personality and at the very least be interesting in some way.


GoBanana42 t1_jea34d2 wrote

It's a lot more/worse than raging about it "somewhere online." It's a constant and ugly thing.

Everyone needs to vent once in a while, but it's extremely disingenuous to act like that's what the above comment is talking about. If you want to talk about trying something, try seeing millions of angry men online complaining (often directly to you!) about how you should be giving them sex and how your completely normal standards and expectations are ruining their lives. Threatening your life because of it. Sometimes acting on it.

Online dating sucks and I have empathy for dealing with bots and flakey/shallow people. But it's not nearly the same issue as the rampant misogyny and incel ranting that translates to real violence and harassment against women.


Skyblacker t1_jeabsmi wrote

You need to meet people in person at meetups, like your local run club. No bots there.


momamil t1_je9z9dy wrote

Awesome! The phone is not a substitute for actual human company ❤️


CountOmar t1_jeaik54 wrote

The news is uplifting. The comments's pretty dire


Affectionate-Yak5280 t1_jeannch wrote

Really happy that they all identified a problem and did something about it! Wish them all the best in making new friendships and hope many other people do this too.


kittenparachutepants t1_jea1tri wrote

Sounds exactly like the book 'All the Lonely People' by Mike Gayle!!! Just finished that book the other week!


Serberuss t1_jeabga7 wrote

I’ve come across this recently but not read it yet. Would you recommend it?


kittenparachutepants t1_jeacw9w wrote

I'd recommend it. It was a fun read and was very enjoyable! If you like that book you may also like A Man Called Ove, absolutely loved that book.


Broad_Secret4603 t1_jecaclp wrote

I'm part of this Facebook group and it's great, women sypporting women. I haven't managed to meet anyone yet but it's a great online community too, asking each other questions, for advice, recommendations etc. The world has changed since the pandemic and many of us are finding we are having to start again or figure out a new way of life again and it's hard to make friends as an adult.


timtamtoucantee t1_jecta31 wrote

If only young men could put aside our egos and do something like this. We clearly need it.


giveusalol t1_jeb4bok wrote

This is dope. But the article doesn’t say if the founder actually made friends. I hope so!


Tarrtarus t1_jec6kl8 wrote

Sign me up! This should be more widespread!


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picomtg t1_jea934c wrote

Uhm, can I join gif


jpotrz t1_jeb6yr2 wrote

This is awesome.

Do they have one for men? Asking for a friend... if I had a friend to ask for :(


Guukab t1_jebudxr wrote

It sounds pathetic, but loneliness (or lack of a truly trustworthy friend, I should say) is by my completely and totally unprofessional assertation the leading cause to 99.99% of the annoying children spamming crap about mental health on social media.

People ain't depressed. Theys just be lonely, dawg. You can also search for specific Discord channels and find exactly what interests you to meet people. It takes a leap of faith which is often hard to take for people who are likely introverted as they're lonely to begin with, but the door is waiting for you to open it.

Alternatively you can give some fake doctor money to pretend to care about you and be temporarily satisfied by venting your frustrations to someone who forgot your name the instant you walked out the door.


ginkner t1_jeanz5c wrote

Hello, yes, non-woman here, can I also have a friendship club?

Seriously though, on a surface level, very good. I appreciate the pragmatism.


ANIKET_UPADHYAY t1_jeagvbl wrote

Who knew socializing could help combat loneliness.


ssandino t1_jebqdcw wrote

Damn, and I’m still single.


Crazy_Ebb_9294 t1_jebnb22 wrote

Looks like a great gathering to pick up a date


360walkaway t1_jea8kij wrote

Pervy dudes will find out about this and the group will be canceled in a week or two after.


whiskeyvacation t1_jebyno8 wrote

So many beautiful girls. What's up with London guys?


LeonDeSchal t1_jedz6q1 wrote

These lonely women most likely have standards that are too high. Most lonely people who want to be in a relationship but aren’t have standards that are too high and they probably wouldn’t meet their own standards.


Loud_Fly_1142 t1_jebamqh wrote

30% of men have never had or have gone over a year without sex. They could be described as tremendously lonely. How come these two groups have no means of connecting?


PlsNoSalterino t1_jebrmap wrote

Loneliness is not the same as sexually deprived. Some people want friends, not just sex.


Alexexy t1_jebgzu2 wrote

Because not all of those women find the cure for their loneliness to be a penis from a similarly lonely man.


Loud_Fly_1142 t1_jeevogo wrote



Alexexy t1_jef1fso wrote

I do have female friends but I'm also a man.

I'm gonna make it very clear to you. It's like you telling me that you're lonely and then I'm telling you that you need to be friends with a gay man due to the potential level of sexual intimacy.

Now you might be completely ok having a gay friend but adding that level of potential sexual aggression is not the panacea you're claiming it to be.


RGJ587 t1_je9y4ch wrote

Fully support these women reaching out to each other to find friendship.

I also just want to say, it's sad that if this was a men's club, people would attack it and its members for being "incels". Which is probably why something this specific for combating loneliness hasn't popped up on the men's side.


Ggboyz331 t1_jeafxmi wrote

I think making a club with a clear stance against that kind of attitude is the way. Kick out the incels, just like punks keep kicking out the Nazis.


Zeptojoules t1_jeaz8qv wrote

It's because when men make such groups it doesn't behave feminine enough and that's bad role modelling for boys.


RGJ587 t1_jeb7lwq wrote

Exactly. A group like this for men would come under immediate attack for being a "haven of toxicity".

There is a dramatic lack of understanding an empathy towards men's mental health. And because some online trolls have drawn headlines for being rude towards women, now anyone who falls under the "incel umbrella" is immediately labeled as toxic and should be attacked.


_Karmageddon t1_jec8pf4 wrote

Ironically anyone trolling loneliness groups of any gender are probably way more socially deprived than any of it's members.


Metalsteve1989 t1_jeawfzu wrote

Yet men are killing themselves due to loneliness and other factors. More needs to be done to help men and their struggles.


kenzieshinx t1_jeax57v wrote

You could start a group? Be the change you want to see.


Metalsteve1989 t1_jeax9fg wrote

I have at work, also do charity work towards it. I think there needs more general awareness though and I alone can't do much more.


SimplyUnreal t1_je9lwoy wrote

So it's a lesbian party? Right on.