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garry4321 t1_jebcqoz wrote

Arent these really fucking common? I find fossils on the beach all the time


SpectralMagic t1_jebwzis wrote

Considering the news around it, it's probably an important find in the least. There may be significance in either the location it was recovered from or in the rarity/preservation quality of the specimen for it's specific species.

I'm hoping a real archaeological team was able to recover it instead of this kid. Fossils lose a huge majority of their scientific usefulness if you can't pinpoint the location, depth, rock it was found in.

Edit: (Read the article) The fossil is dated to the Jurassic Period. The specimen is rare because of its size(30cm) and beautiful crystallization of the mollusk's buoyancy chamber that occurred during fossillization. Not scientifically rare, but looks nice. Wouldn't doubt it's probably in someone's mansion on display for $30 grand right now