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jezra t1_jec8l1s wrote

uplifting for kangaroos, not uplifting to cows, not uplifting for the sweatshop workers.


LeastDescription4 t1_jecre14 wrote

I mean who cares specifically about Kangaroos. They are almost a pest in Australia.


rosen380 t1_jeco5b3 wrote

I think I read that demand for cow leather had declined to the degree that perfectly good hides were being dumped in landfills


Chiggadup t1_jectbni wrote

Would make sense, considering the demand for ground beef is still creating the hides regardless.


PuTheDog t1_jee89a9 wrote

Roos got culled regularly anyway, and in Australia we can buy roo meat in the supermarket. What’s the issue to use them on sneakers?


galspanic t1_jeehcbv wrote

I’ve never been to Australia but if YouTube and Reddit have taught me anything, it’s that kangaroos should be harvested for meat and leather. I don’t see why they need protecting.

Also, is it possible Roos Shoes aren’t made of kangaroos?


awesomegamer919 t1_jedyhq4 wrote

Kangaroos are one of few animals that benefitted from colonisation of Australia and live in a pretty heavy boom-bust cycle as they overpopulate until the population is unstable, then crash when a drought comes, if they are hunted during the correct times (when the population is high) then I don’t see the issue with it. Also Roo meat is quite nice, and very healthy.


tradtrad100 t1_jed1gtu wrote

Is this uplifting? Apparently kangaroos are an invasive species plus it means they'll source the materials from elsewhere which might not be necessarily better.


WCRugger t1_jee1qlf wrote

Not invasive as they are a native. Issue is the whole boom and bust cycle around breeding. More often boom. During boom years where food is plentiful they breed like well, rabbits. This applies pressure to their food sources which leads to starvation. It's worse is bust years particularly following a boom. Then they start invading paddocks and eating what feed there is reserved for livestock. Even though livestock are an introduced species. They are culled to avoid this and the inevitable starvation among their population that results.

That said there's usually somewhere around 45-50 million of them. So my point is. I don't understand animals rights activists sometimes. As much as they may hate it serves a purpose and if a byproduct can generate a revenue streams all the better.


wvrnnr t1_jeebnyv wrote

I much rather the concept of taking resources from wild, sustainable animal sources than industrialised domesticated animals (as long as it's humane, which I believe the kangaroo culling is).

it's part of a natural lifecycle rather than a factory line where the poor animals live solely to be a human product. if u love nature, this is the better way.


ethot_thoughts t1_jeer74u wrote

Humans are so detached from our place in the food web. Monoculture and industrial farming were one of the worst things we ever did


MurdrWeaponRocketBra t1_jec7sr1 wrote

Ohhh, they meant kangaroo leather. I clicked on the link expecting a shoe shaped like a kangaroo foot. Disappointed!


ParklifeAd42 t1_jeefjvs wrote

Kangaroos are rampant. Nothing uplifting about this.


Huge-Buddy655 t1_jeekw5p wrote

Can we get an invasive species line of shoes?

They don’t have to be made of the invasive species, just a little fine print that “a portion of the profits are used to help reduce invasive species X in the region of Y.”

Or even just “the sale of this shoe will cull X of the species Y in the region of Z.”


leisuresuit88 t1_jeekxqx wrote

Definitely won’t have the same kind of bounce with traditional or synthetic leather.


OrezYT t1_jefnwos wrote

these were a thing?


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