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EasternMotors t1_jeeccog wrote

I just wish there was a way to make Sea World pay the $15-20mm.


FaolanG t1_jeg0a1y wrote

Seriously! I really would love to see a world in which we could change the model they utilize and see a large effort to reintroduce these wonderful creatures back into the wild.

There will always be a place for rescues and a shift to large, adequate pens, to rehabilitate them in could be incredible for our understanding of marine life. If there were a camera system where people could view them in a somewhat natural habitat and learn about them I’d love to see that be the future of this sort of industry.

Not only is it better for their health and happiness, but it makes these sort of things so much more accessible for children everywhere and of all backgrounds to learn about sea life and maybe find a passion of their own!