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ohwhatta_gooseiam t1_jefxtov wrote

I don't know how to interpret this:

>*'Quality of life is priceless' >This year is the first one the survey conducted by Infojobs specifically sought the reason for quitting a job, showing the importance of emotional well-being for workers and their reduced focus on financial motives.

I mean, I can guess through context clues, but damn, it's making my head hurt trying to understand. looks like the author did a bunch of re writing of that section, but never tied it all together. or maybe a translation issue from French to English?

Is it saying that this is the first survey by infojobs in which participants were asked why they quit their job, and it found that the number one reason was for emotional well-being?


jagoomba t1_jeggjdv wrote

That’s the way I’m reading it as well.