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3dPrintingDad t1_iqmbjys wrote

They had a bunch of money and knew other rich people


emarsk t1_iqmc7qq wrote

I subscribed to this sub to counterbalance the grimness of a bunch of other news subs, but I think I made a mistake. What passes for "uplifting" here is just as depressing.


Subparnova79 t1_iqmo9cf wrote

Money laundering with extra steps and using a child


mfairview t1_iqm9qpd wrote

or in other words, people with too much money answers the age old question of "what do you do with all that money?"


Hanzoku t1_iqnbv43 wrote

Whitewash it through ‘art’ sales.


Disastrous_Judge1399 t1_iqmq2cx wrote

That's it, I'm leaving this sub.


Hanzoku t1_iqnc1v2 wrote

Honestly I’m with you, none of the posts in the last couple weeks have been in any way uplifting.


Disastrous_Judge1399 t1_iqndkti wrote

Yeah, I remember one about a guy whose parents were rich so he could afford his trip around the world.

I want to hear about cures for cancer, saved species and world peace, not about some kid being way more lucky than I ever will be.


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RullyWinkle t1_iqp2brf wrote

This makes me sad cause I'm poor.