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Samwise2512 OP t1_iqofcg9 wrote

I'm well aware of that thanks. This concerns them being designated as a protected species, which gives them a more secure future, while paving the way to further reintroductions in the wild.


Papertache t1_iqpy48f wrote

I've just reread what I wrote and I do apologise! I meant that I'm the clueless Brit. Editing now.


Samwise2512 OP t1_iqqbttw wrote

Ah I got the wrong end of the stick there, apologies, we're all good! :)


Misabi t1_iqovbn3 wrote

Don't take offense. I'm pretty sure The person you're replying to was referring to themself as the "clueless Brit".


Samwise2512 OP t1_iqqbw2n wrote

Ah yes, I can see that now, occasionally one gets the wrong end of the stick on the internet..