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MikeLitoris_________ t1_ir38ik1 wrote

>It’s an increasingly common occurrence in the Antipodes Islands, where males now outnumber females 3-1. Feeding grounds north of the chain, where females typically forage, are busy industrial fishing areas and the birds get trapped and killed in nets. “As a result, the female albatross here is declining fast.”

Humanity is killing so many of these birds that they can no longer find mates. How is this uplifting?


[deleted] t1_ir4evpu wrote

Exactly what I thought. If the headline was previously bird group listed as critically endangered of extinction now back to normal levels.

It's like oh that's nice.

Gay birds apparently is uplifting news? I mean great for them I suppose but its not going to raise their numbers because you know, they cant breed? It's a very bizarre "uplifting news".


plumquat t1_ir4tf5v wrote

This site doesn't have a lot of writers.


Lord_Vrel t1_ir6nzbi wrote

Wait until they find out swans can be gay.

The reporters will probably start crying.


auyemra t1_ir3arq2 wrote

It suits a message well i s'pose


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