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Sariel007 t1_ir3dfs9 wrote

🌈 Governments recognizing basic human rights is always uplifting, as is a wanted child being placed in a loving family/home. 🌈


Jonajager91 t1_ir4i1dk wrote

Thats big! Same sex relationships have been taboo when i was there. I'm glad.


squngy t1_ir4kdg3 wrote

This is actually not a very big change.

There are still a lot of homophobes and a law will not change that, but also, same sex couples already had almost all the rights of CIS couples, except that it was called a "union" instead of a "marriage" (edit: in legal documents, in casual conversation both are called marriage).

Aside from the symbolic change of using the word "marriage", the only real change is that they can now adopt freely (before they could only adopt children they were related to)


Jonajager91 t1_ir4kwo7 wrote

There may be plenty homophobes, but acceptation of this is messy. There could be a lot of homophobes. It might get less or less heavy over the years. But it's a sign that lgbtq people can have a normal relationship lawfully.


squngy t1_ir4lkj0 wrote

> But it's a sign that lgbtq people can have a normal relationship lawfully.

They already could.
But now, they can have a more equal standing then before.


m4chon4cho t1_ir5plm7 wrote

If they could not marry and adopt, then no they obviously could not.


squngy t1_ir6fs8a wrote

That would imply that any relationship that is without marriage or children is not "normal"


chihuahuassuck t1_ir6n7sl wrote

No, it's that no "normal" relationship has those restrictions placed on it.


m4chon4cho t1_ir764rn wrote

Without the ability to do so is different than choosing not to. What an absurd rationality.


Extra-Process-9394 t1_ir5zvjd wrote

History has shown that making something like gay marriage legal leads to a large increase in acceptance. Perhaps they are not causal, just correlated, but if you look at gay marriage acceptance in the USA you can see it increased a lot right after being legalized.


squngy t1_ir6h4hv wrote

I feel like a nuance has been missed here, which is probably my fault.

Legally, there was a distinction between a "union" and "marriage" and that was not right and it is good that they can "marry" now, but even before, most people in casual conversation would consider the people in a union to be married.

If you met 2 people in a union they would almost certainly introduce them selves as husbands or wives.

There was effectively already same sex marriage, except in legalise and some articles didn't make a distinction, for example

You can read more here:


Miltrivd t1_ir88vf8 wrote

People do get it, but having restrictions and a different legal name makes it not the same, these things are known to everyone and creates segmentation, even if by a little. Equalizing name and rights officializes acceptance and nullifies legal differences, this helps further normalization making the homophobic reactions more fringe given they are against something that's official, normal, established.

It's not like people think gay couples were actively shunned and this will magically change things overnight, but as it had happened everywhere else where marriages rights get normalized, it also helps normalizing acceptance even further.


rhodopensis t1_ir6hpys wrote

(Psst, it’s awesome that you’re well meaning, and well informed on Slovenia, but cis means not transgender, equivalent to straight meaning not gay or bi. ;) )


squngy t1_ir6ijs6 wrote

Thanks, I thought it meant both not trans and straight at the same time


kdrumz t1_ir5857z wrote

Makes me love Slovenia even more! Such a beautiful country.


cbbuntz t1_ir67igp wrote

They used Slovenia for shooting locations of Narnia. You don't use an ugly country for that.


Quian32 t1_ir4p07z wrote

Hell yeah, getting sick of countries regressing.


Cro-manganese t1_ir4tlau wrote

And yet, in countries that have legalised same-sex marriage, has their society actually changed to any significant degree?
Not that I am aware of.


SpaceNigiri t1_ir4zac5 wrote

Well, it's been 17 years since my country legalize it and yes, the country has changed, nowadays people is waaay more accepting of gay people.

Even our conservative party doesn't care about homosexuals anymore and have openly gay members on high positions on the party (the same party was obviously against it back in 2005).

As a whole the perception of all society has changed, and legalizing same-sex marriage was one of the first steps.


bipo t1_ir4xz32 wrote

It's a complete and utter collapse. We had to bolt down the manhole covers to keep all the demons from surfacing.


HashedEgg t1_ir5s2r4 wrote

> We had to bolt down the manhole covers...

I expected a different joke after reading this part


Rowyn97 t1_ir52vb0 wrote

Social change takes time, and unless you're LGBTQ you probably won't notice the difference since this doesn't impact you personally. I'd imagine communities that benefit from this do experience worthwhile change


RedRocksHigh t1_ir5mfxf wrote

On a basic level, it impacts those seeking to have a same sex marriage. For those individuals, it increases their social equity and thus, does significantly impact society.


beefcat_ t1_ir62zov wrote

If you’re not gay then of course nothing changed. As it turns out, letting homosexuals get married has no material impact on the rest of us whatsoever.


Cholo1891 t1_ir3vi1n wrote

Good for them! 🙌🙌


mothsyrup t1_ir4j4k2 wrote

See, in my little head, same-sex marriage is a right in much more countries than it actually is. It's not legal in all of Europe, from what I learned today, though should I be surprised? 2022 Baby still getting there.


sociotronics t1_ir52fm3 wrote

Europe is not as progressive as American Redditors generally imagine it to be.


[deleted] t1_ir6tkj6 wrote

(Some) American redditors cannot grasp "Europe" is dozens of countries as different from each other as you can get, not one single nation with the same rules and the same traditions and views. Yeah, some parts of Europe are more progressive than America. That doesn't mean that's the case for all of Europe.


CallidoraBlack t1_ir5pfug wrote

It's not as progressive as European Redditors try to make us think it is because they want us to feel bad about how things are at home. As if we don't feel badly enough.


Iferius t1_ir5wbz8 wrote

Western Europe and Scandinavia get all the media attention, but central and eastern Europe are a lot more conservative.


LightninHooker t1_ir4zryo wrote

I find so weird that countries in Europe are still legalizing this. Spain did it 20 years ago and people in here still love self loathing about how "oppressive" this country is.

Btw 20 years ago already look retarded to me to not legalize this.

PP (right wing party) rallied heavily against this btw but after the law was passed one of the members married his boyfriend and the president of the party was at the wedding. It was something


Alis451 t1_ir5tfjo wrote

yep, even the US was only 10 years ago.. it with the current SCOTUS, it may take a stupid backslide.


kontor97 t1_ir5wij5 wrote

Just because it’s legalized doesn’t mean people accept it. Have you not seen how many gay men have been killed this year in Spain and how the cops barely take action?


LightninHooker t1_ir632eu wrote

Unfortunately crimes are always going to happen but spanish sociaity condemn those without a doubt included 100% of the politicians in Congress(even those that are extreme right)

Spain is one of the safest places in the world,lgtb people included.

Spain have had trans people on tv and cinema (Almodovar being the big name there) for more than 40 years and the most popular show(Salvame) on tv for more than a decade conducted by a totally open gay guy (Jorge Javier Vázquez)

Just to name some examples


PixelGMS t1_ir3wvty wrote

They didn't allow people to adopt people of the same sex as them? Weird rule, but okay. /j


drneeley t1_ir5a6cw wrote

Stunningly beautiful country as well. Had a great time visiting a couple years ago.


FromSwedenWithHate t1_ir4iwld wrote

That's amazing. But Slovenia isn't Eastern Europe last time I checked, I was there for 3 months and most people I came across said they consider themselves as Central Europeans, most of them speak very good English unlike most of Eastern Europe, and geographically they are not in Eastern Europe. Culturally a Slavic people/ Eastern European people though.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir4ra6o wrote

Nobody in the Balkans will admit they are in Balkans. Ref:

Slovenia can deny it all they want but they are still a part of the balkans. All we can do is just be happy about this news and hope it can spread to other Balkan countries.


FromSwedenWithHate t1_ir5ol6w wrote

Balkans isn't what is culturally called Eastern Europe either, Balkans is in Southeastern Europe, there is a big difference.

Eastern Europe when related to in certain terms today is what is culturally considered as the former Soviet Bloc. Slovenia & some Balkan countries was part of Yugoslavia, not the USSR. The only similarity between Balkans and Eastern Europe is the fact most of them are of Slavic descent.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir5s9qg wrote

No, Balkans is a subdivision of Eastern Europe. If you wanna refer to Visegrad countries as Eastern Europe only, then you still cannot put Slovenia in that group. Anywhere in European continent that is East of Germany, Austria, Italy is Eastern Europe. You can divide the region into smaller groups and find differences for sure but you can't deny Balkans is Eastern Europe.


FromSwedenWithHate t1_ir80q1c wrote

> East of Germany, Austria, Italy is Eastern Europe.

That's messed up. If this was true, then Greece would be Eastern Europe too.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir97y03 wrote

If you separate Europe east and west then yes. But many would like to categorize it as South Europe although culturally they are closer to other Balkan countries than Italy or Spain.


psihonix t1_ir6sadk wrote

For starters, Slovenia is not east of Austria. Besides being part of the balkans is not automaticaly Eastern Europe. Slovenia is by all definitions part of Central Europe and the south-western part being part of the balkan peninsula doesn't change that.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir6u3ha wrote

Nobody said Slovenia is east of Austria. It's east of Italy and that's what separates east and west Europe.


psihonix t1_ir7i6k9 wrote

I mean there's Central Europe, which you, for some reason, keep ignoring. But you do you I guess.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir97c6v wrote

Never cite wikipedia to support your claims. Any Slovenian who thinks they're too cool to hang out with their Balkan bros can edit it. Here's a link to a book

Chapter 2.4 Eastern Europe shows the borders clearly including Slovenia


Hrevak t1_ir9qlqd wrote

Morehead, Kentucky, global reference point for European studies 😂


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir9rvg1 wrote

If you have a better source please share


Hrevak t1_ir9s8uu wrote


Wikipedia cited above is an infinitely better source. This article alone contains several interpretations of the term, hundreds of references and presents a truth agreed upon by academia and broader public as well.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir9sfrp wrote

The map from wikipedia is also from an american source called factbook. I thought you wanted to dismiss non Europeans to present data for Europe.


Hrevak t1_ir9sydo wrote

I don't have any problems with Americans in general and the CIA is definitely a trustworthy source, much more than some local yokel from Morehead Kentucky.


SpasticGoldenToys t1_ir9t8ph wrote

Besides in the very link you provide you can also see many maps excluding Slovenia while defining Central Europe. It all narrows down to whatever you want to base your facts on. You do you I don't care.


DigitalZeth t1_ir50eko wrote

Yep, we're Central Europe. Just some people think that we're eastern because we're slavic.


sanne2 t1_ir52gdk wrote

2balkan4u moment


relaxboy3333 t1_ir6bixv wrote

I miss that sub


sanne2 t1_ir6q0y8 wrote

It was the only sub thats funny in this shithole of a site (if you are a wrestling fan scjerk is pretty funny too)


Themlethem t1_ir5q1c9 wrote

First Cuba, and now Slovenia. We're on a roll.


JonKentOfficial t1_ir60f5z wrote

Congrats Slovenes, a giant step in the right direction. Protect this, too, and never allow anyone to take it from you.


ExjwReborn t1_ir53edh wrote

Meanwhile, in America, we’re headed backwards.


truedoom t1_ir5qny3 wrote

Good job Slovenia.


elpajaroquemamais t1_ir51d9w wrote

Meanwhile someone who was born there is married to a man who installed three people who could end it in the US.


milanorlovszki t1_ir5u8ry wrote

The balkans knew slovenes were gay all along 😎


LeNigh t1_ir53iij wrote

Why was same-sex adoption banned in the first place?

Why shouldnt a woman adopt a girl or a man adopt a boy?



Vic_O22 t1_ir6hap9 wrote

So proud and happy, well done, Slovenia!

Hopefully more and more countries will follow suit.


Ilyak1986 t1_ir6lf18 wrote

Better late than never.


_iCrAzYG4M3R_ t1_ir5s5km wrote

The law has changed, the people won’t. There is still homophobia, a parents isn’t going to just accept their child just because “it’s the law”. This changes almost nothing, just stops a few cases of open homosexuality in public


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Querch t1_ir68njl wrote

How's the backlash?


ForwardExchange t1_ir7rjle wrote



WildKatt4698 t1_ir3juea wrote

Why is it the rest of the world gets to progress while America is still stuck in 1953?


Sariel007 t1_ir5k8tc wrote

No no, we are not stuck in 1953, we are being drug back to it by the Regressives and their illigitamate Supreme Court.


Ultionisrex t1_ir5jk7i wrote

Ladies will be chasing Janja's D like Wile E Coyote.


PM_ME_SOME_LUV t1_ir5gklv wrote

And on the day Josip Ilicic comes back. What a great time for Slovenia 🇸🇮


YakuzaMachine t1_ir5rba7 wrote

After all that Melania Trump lesbian porn they figured "why not".


malikhacielo63 t1_ir5t17r wrote

So…you mean to tell me that if I wanted to adopt a child in Slovenia, I could only adopt a little girl? Bizarre. Same sex pregnancy must be extremely awkward.


[deleted] t1_ir47ij7 wrote



dgvelling t1_ir48bk2 wrote

People get what they vote for. No one is being forced to the knee of radical leftists. Realistically it doesn’t do anything to attack heterosexual marriages. I know a Reddit comment isn’t going to change your mind so I’ll leave it as this. Peace


[deleted] t1_ir48r5d wrote



goatofglee t1_ir4di43 wrote

I can't decide if you're serious or a troll.

I have seen people say this, but not in a while. It's hilarious that people think a consenting adult marrying another consenting adult is somehow comparable to a person marrying an animal or inanimate object.


dgvelling t1_ir6ltnk wrote

They had a long post history in conspiracy. Don’t bother


StayWinning100x t1_ir4hdxm wrote

Kinda like how republicans said they wanted abortion to be left to the states and then next thing you know they are trying to make it nationally illegal


larmax t1_ir4ixhm wrote

The Netherlands has had same-sex marriage for over 20 years and I haven't heard of them ever planning to allow marrying dogs or shoes


InsertCocktails t1_ir5gyh3 wrote

Man. You don't even know. That huge crowd of people waiting to marry their dog. They're out there in droves.

Biding their time.


dgvelling t1_ir6lyio wrote

Did you drop the /s ?


InsertCocktails t1_ir6q4gp wrote

I hear they mostly hide in caves. Awaiting the day their prophet, George Soros, makes it safe for them to tread the Earth or have romantic Olive Garden dinners.


dissentrix t1_ir4n4mx wrote

I mean, they already allow marriage between conservatives and people, but you don't see us complaining


DeterminedThrowaway t1_ir4df5x wrote

Protected from what? Literally nothing about heterosexual marriage is being changed


Flumffox t1_ir4ilyk wrote

But but but the thing I have loses value when others have it


DeterminedThrowaway t1_ir4ipod wrote

That argument honestly pisses me off when I see it. Okay, so 55 hour Vegas sham weddings aren't hurting the "sanctity" of your marriage, but two people who are genuinely in love and will stay married are hurting it if they happen to be the same sex? I don't buy it


Alepfi5599 t1_ir4k7ec wrote

That was a joke


DeterminedThrowaway t1_ir4kz7m wrote

I know the person I was replying to was being sarcastic, sorry if that wasn't clear. I just don't like it when people actually make that argument, because they do. I tried to indicate that by saying it pisses me off "when I see it", but I guess it didn't come across.


Skeptical_Vegan t1_ir4bwod wrote

This isn't 1950 or the dark ages. The reality is that people were sometimes gay. Science has made this irrefutable. How is their ability to love any different? And what do you mean by "sanctity of marriage"?


ChristianSword t1_ir570hk wrote

Marriage is a God given institution, for man and a woman. Why isn’t he allowed to have a Christian viewpoint?


Animeking1108 t1_ir5bdcx wrote

Marriage existed before religion.


ChristianSword t1_ir5bmge wrote

Marriage was created by God, for man and a woman. That is a basic fact


southern_breeze t1_ir5btz7 wrote

I don't think you know what a 'fact' is.


ChristianSword t1_ir5c114 wrote

Fact is something that is true


southern_breeze t1_ir5dgls wrote

Can you prove this 'fact' that marriage was created by God? :) How do I know that it's actually true? Shouldn't be hard since this is 'basic fact'.


Animeking1108 t1_ir5nckn wrote

Adam and Eve were twins (she was made from a sample of his DNA, making her a twin or a clone), and their children had to fuck to populate the world. Maybe we shouldn't follow everything the Bible says.


Skeptical_Vegan t1_irfcvgd wrote

I don't understand what you mean by God? The Romans had marriage. The Norwegians have marriage The Muslims, the Hindus. The Asians all have marriage and none of them are under the sanctity of some deity. I don't believe in your deity. It's stupid that you're going to pass a law that makes me follow your religion. You don't have any evidence to support the existence of said deity and yet you're still choosing it over living breathing individuals that are born gay. How ridiculous is this? You not see the issue?

Just because you say it's god-given doesn't mean that it is. Until you can give me direct evidence of your God and then after approving that your God exists, you must then also prove to me that a. He doesn't make a gay people born that way and b you must then also prove that he gives a f*** about who we marry. But none of this can be proven. So it's f****** stupid to start passing laws on this stuff when we have no reason to believe any of it. Especially when it horribly f**** over a fairly numerous minority.


[deleted] t1_ir4hups wrote



Skeptical_Vegan t1_ir4ikj2 wrote

And why?


[deleted] t1_ir4pcwm wrote



AGVann t1_ir4qm25 wrote

You know what else was 'tradition'? The mass murder of Jews in pogroms. Intense xenophobia and racism. Religious wars and genocide. Child abuse and slavery. Women being treated as property. Rape being a normal part of life.

The barbaric, illogical, and uncivilised hatreds of the past aren't suddenly sacred and inviolable just because you wrapped a pretty name around it.

Marriage as a tradition is not under threat by LGBT rights. It's strengthened by being an act of love, not by being an act of persecution. What is threatened by LGBT rights are the pointless hatreds that have destroyed millions of lives over the centuries, and that 'tradition' of fear and hate is not something we need to carry around.


NoBeRon79 t1_ir48rhj wrote

That’s right! Donald Trump loves marriage so much, he did it 3 times.


[deleted] t1_ir46818 wrote



gevaarlijke1990 t1_ir47fea wrote

Slovenia, bro did you even read the title?


[deleted] t1_ir48zgs wrote



garlicroastedpotato t1_ir3o4g5 wrote

Slovenia is an incredibly right wing country which happened to elect a Green Party in their last election... almost entirely by accident. It really does appear they're just going to try and make all of their most "extremist" policies happen all at once.


NoGoodName_ t1_ir48qfv wrote

... my dude... what??

How are we right-wing, exactly? Is it our pro-EU stance or our comprehensive social support system that are confusing you? We are the country women come to to get abortions when they are denied the medically necessary procedure in their own EU countries.

And do please explain how getting 35,8% of the votes (the next party grtting 22.5%) is "winning by accident"?


Berubara t1_ir4ep17 wrote

Glad to hear this. I was in Slovenia for a week a few years ago and everyone I met was quite conservative and I kept thinking if it was the norm or if I just happened to meet certain types of people. I even had a young tour guide go off on a big anti EU rant at me.


roger-great t1_ir4rkml wrote

Man you had to be in some really wrong circles to come to that conclusion.


DigitalZeth t1_ir51ahy wrote

It depends what parts of Slovenia you're in, but it's also worth considering that the Slovenian far-left is comically similar to American far right. A lot of them are anti-vaccine and anti-lockdowns, they are pro-russian and anti EU/NATO.

We call them tankies because their fascination with communism is more revolved around stalinism.

Regardless, I do think you were unlucky though because it's not really the norm. Unless you go out in the countryside, you're more likely to find progressive youth than far left or far right anomalies.


citytiger OP t1_ir3qzsf wrote

It’s not that right wing. They nearly won an outright majority in parliament which has never happened since independence and if current polling is any indiction they could achieve it in the next one several years from now.


w0mbatina t1_ir4d6cd wrote

Well thats a really weird take. Especially since a right wing party only won 2 out of 9 parlimentary elections in the entire history of the country.


Alepfi5599 t1_ir4jydg wrote

Basic human rights are not extremist policies.


LiquidHate777 t1_ir4pal3 wrote

Are you implying same-sex marriage is extremist? Or the greens for that matter?


DigitalZeth t1_ir51v6m wrote

Considering Slovenia is regarded as the fruity land of femboys by other balkan countries, I'd say we're not as "incredibly" right wing as people might think


bipo t1_ir4yl53 wrote

Green party got 3,41% of votes in our last elections and didn't even pass the threshold to be in the parliament.

Our government is definitely left leaning.

Did you mistake Slovenia for some other country?