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Razorback_Yeah t1_ir641gj wrote

San Diego zoo again proving themselves to be one of the best zoos in the world.


Coolbluegatoradeyumm t1_ir6kj9a wrote

I’ve always wanted to go because I’ve heard it’s an elite zoo


MaestroPendejo t1_ir6lkk2 wrote

Do yourself a favor. Make it a two day visit at least. That joint is HYUGE.


Coolbluegatoradeyumm t1_ir6n5g0 wrote

This actually makes me even more excited because it speaks to the amount of awesomeness


fluffershuffles t1_ir75nu3 wrote

Also not sure if you'd be down to make it a 3 dayer but the safari park is also really nice. It's like a satellite park


BarelyEvolved t1_ir968xb wrote

Its where they do most of the actual breeding. Its also the inspiration for Jurassic Park. At least the movie.


EarlTheSqrl t1_irboz9v wrote

My wife and I go a few times a week. I actual prefer the Wild Animal Park. They are both amazing. I have been lucky enough to see the Platypus at the Wild animal park twice now.


ImJustSaying34 t1_ircait3 wrote

It’s awesome! I live in SD and have annual passes and plan on taking the kids this weekend. But I feel lucky we can go for a few hours here and there because it’s huge with so much to see and SO much walking!


Lemesplain t1_ir7qtmj wrote

Also do yourself another favor, visit the Safari Park. It’s a whole separate location, about 45 min north of the Zoo.

It’s got huge enclosures where the animals are free to roam a bit more. They even have a tram ride around a GIANT wide-open Serengeti. They’ve got rhinos, zebras, giraffes, gazelles, etc. all living in harmony in one big enclosure.

They also did a cheetah run, back in the pre-covid days. They got a cheetah to sprint full speed on a track, right in front of you. They had a normal domestic dog run the course first, just to help calm down the cheetah. The whole affair got shut down for a bit, might be back open now.


Zolo16x t1_ir7x2jd wrote

It’s open, they have like 7 different safari adventures so there’s no limit to things to do. Also they have a zip-line that apparently takes you over the animals which sounds fucking awesome


angiosperms- t1_ir9301m wrote

It all costs extra, like $100+ per person per thing you want to do. I really don't recommend the safari park anymore unless you are rich. You used to be able to go on safaris and walk through exhibits with just your admission but now it all costs extra. You can see a lot of empty enclosures if you only want to pay admission price.


onlyhightime t1_ira7qt4 wrote

I think they mean the cheetah run was shut down. It was not open as of this past Saturday.


walrusgombit t1_ira5bhn wrote

Both zoos are so amazing! I haven’t been in over 10 years though 😭


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_irbij1r wrote

I did a behind the scenes tour there and got to pet an ant eater type thing, it was so cute and sweet!


idickbutts t1_ir7qsnr wrote

It's the best zoo I have ever been to, and I have been to 3 zoos.


MaestroPendejo t1_ir7qw07 wrote

I've been to at least ten. Nothing comes close so far. I'd say your luck is pretty darn good.


dragonsfire242 t1_ir833h6 wrote

Went with some friends and saw almost everything in one day, amazing zoo but our legs were ready to be done by the end


cblackattack1 t1_irbb0du wrote

I have a pass and can walk up to 7 miles in a day just wandering around.


heavy-metal-goth-gal t1_irbid2l wrote

Also very hilly. Only an experienced hiker could really see and enjoy the whole thing in a day.


sharkutterzero t1_ir7h002 wrote

It's harder for tourists to get to since it's so far from the airport, but the Safari Park is the GOAT and if you can figure out transportation it's completely worth it.


MasterThespian t1_irb02kr wrote

From downtown, take the Coaster to Oceanside Transit Center, then transfer to the Sprinter and take that to Escondido. From there, you’ll need to call a rideshare— it’s about a 15-minute trip.

So yeah, not simple at all. But very much worth it.


R_damascena t1_irbuowt wrote

The 235 (an express) and 280 (express-er but runs less often) buses both go between Escondido and downtown.


jordanpitt269 t1_ir73j17 wrote

Definitely go if you ever visit SD. Well worth the admission and get an early start you’ll be there all day


Afireonthesnow t1_ir8qr02 wrote

The San Diego zoo is legitimately one of the top 5 tourist spots I've ever been to. Phenomenal zoo that clearly cares for their animals and has literally saved species


Sociallyawktrash78 t1_ir92sq3 wrote

I just went for the first time a month ago and it seriously was amazing. Couldn’t fit it all in one day though because of how massive it is. I’ve also heard great things about their safari park as well.


Mittenwald t1_irc4ldt wrote

It's pretty cool. I actually prefer the SD Wildlife Park because it's more open and easier to get away from crowds, cool exhibits. But I highly recommend visiting both if you can.


BeachesBeTripin t1_ir9yv1b wrote

Great zoo the giraffe enclosure is kinda small tbh and no otters anymore but definitely worth it the monkey enclosures are impressive.


zinten789 t1_ir934jg wrote

“White, sandy beaches; cleverly simulated natural environment; wide-open enclosures. I'm telling you, this could be the San Diego Zoo. Complete with fake rocks. (taps on a rock) Wow, that looks real.”


MuchGrooove t1_ir8j2z7 wrote

I’m a member and live less than a mile away. Still trips me out to think of all the different animals that are basically down the street from me lol


InAFakeBritishAccent t1_ir77699 wrote

Is it just me or does that turtle look like maaybe it's one of nature's dead ends?

Edit: Pretty sure that's why we feel bad for it, being in the same boat and all.


Devi1_May_Cry t1_ir8995m wrote

Well, it's got a soft shell, a narrow head, and only mates once every 20 years (e.g. me in college). Me in college was not exactly anyone's model for the successful propagation of the species.


BootyBurglar t1_irbh9kn wrote

There may yet be hope for the narrow-headed soft shell turtle fraternities


Eph_the_Beef t1_ir86f3h wrote

Yeah it's one of those species that seems super lucky to still exist, but who am I to judge?


Aetherpor t1_ir9gyij wrote

Have you seen human babies? You’re throwing stones from a glass house for our species haha


sandteaars t1_ir65yxe wrote

It's cold, huh buddy? I know....


SveHeaps t1_ir6e8v1 wrote

I think this turtle is normal everyday food in China. Or I am mistaking it for other soft shell small head?


Kingrcf3 t1_ir712gl wrote

No clue but saw some guy on TikTok in America holding a soft shell of some sort and talking about how he’s gonna prepare it. Made me sad


PM_ME_UR_PETS_TITS t1_ir71mrj wrote

That's a different species. Chitra chitra is found in the indian subcontinent.


Underbash t1_ir6jte3 wrote

This headline sounds like a rare insult.


thelilasian t1_ir7nsg7 wrote

According to my herpetology professor, they are strong as hell, large and they eat the corpse that are thrown into the Ganges river. 😬.


boltman1234 t1_ir83qv8 wrote

The San Diego Zoo is awesome! (So is the Safari Park in Escondido)


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Pittlers t1_ir8igm2 wrote

Widen your head, narrow head


amydoodledawn t1_ir90wbx wrote

Heroes in a softshell- TURTLE POWER!.... Sorry.


_Y0ur_Mum_ t1_ir9ivyl wrote

I guess their habitat is surplus to requirements then. 😟


I_love_cheese_ t1_irbov0x wrote

I saw a baby sloth yesterday! They’ve successfully breed another one!


cheddarcheeseballs t1_ir6ep8p wrote

Well that’s a passive aggressive way of calling them “prejudiced”. These turtles have feelings too.