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Divallo t1_irbvhvt wrote

This man has colossal big dick energy. Instead of basking in the limelight he continues to help animals and describes his action of saving that cat as no big deal just some "thing".


jigzila t1_irckf82 wrote

If I was OP and didn't have a BD, this is exactly what I would say. Nice try


Divallo t1_irclhu5 wrote

OP isn't the hero of the story. swing and a miss.


helloworldnicetosee t1_irbrj4i wrote

Nice! I have like 4 rescue cats, I hope the find a good home!


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mrs_shrew t1_irbsn4x wrote

That's how people often die. It's nice that people care about pets and stuff but he could very easily have been swept away and she'd be one down on the life partner score.


Thoushaltdenycheese t1_irbu0mt wrote

I’d die for my dogs.


mrs_shrew t1_irbv8ar wrote

What about horribly maimed and living in continuous pain for the rest of your life?


Thoushaltdenycheese t1_irbw9xa wrote

Yup. Don’t have kids. Not planning on it. My dogs stopped me from taking my own life years ago when I was at my lowest (doing absolutely amazing now, no worries needed for anyone reading). I will endure a life of living hell for my dogs.


inkwater t1_ira4min wrote

Half the 50k to the Humane Society, and the rest to restore their own home? How much of that 25k will be given to the other families for home repairs?


jawshuwah t1_irb8jyq wrote

Okay but her GoFundMe specifically states they are raising money to repair their storm damaged home, and only says at the end that they're donating half to the humane society.

It's not like they're calling it a humane society fundraiser but actually keeping half, it's the opposite. Why paint them in a negative light? These seem like good people doing their best in a tough situation


inkwater t1_irb9r46 wrote

What rubs me the wrong way is them admitting they chose to capitalize on the guy's initial good deed of rescuing the cat and get something for themselves. I can't remember if it was stated in this article or another one, but it's definitely out there in the press.

Sure, they need help, as do the thousands of others whose homes and businesses were damaged and destroyed by the hurricane. They've put themselves in a negative light by coming out with their hands and bank account open for more when they could've let someone else set up a fundraiser on their behalf, or even opted not to do or say anything beyond rescuing the cat.

I think too they likely added that bit about sharing the take so as not to appear completely opportunistic and greedy.


jawshuwah t1_irbbqz3 wrote

Yeaahhh that's a little self-righteous.

If I become briefly internet famous you bet I'm going to try and figure out a way to benefit from it, hopefully financially.

If my home just got severely damaged in a hurricane, then yes even more so.

They didn't say they're NOT going to help out their friends and family and neighbours. But don't expect them to pledge to rebuild Florida with $20k from a cat video fundraiser.

Other people can launch their own gofundmes too. This couple does not owe them anything.


aioncan t1_irbycnu wrote

I don’t care, they clearly need it to rebuild their home. It’s going to the needy. You should be outraged at the fundraiser from Martha’s Vineyard, it’s not even going to the migrants or homeless. And they kicked out the migrants the next day


inkwater t1_irc7boe wrote

The way the migrants have been treated is abominable.


sally_says t1_irbbu0u wrote

There is also no way to prove that 'the other half' will actually go to charity. You just have to trust them.

No thanks.

Just donate to the charity directly yourself. Unfortunately, opportunistic GoFundMes are extremely common, perhaps even the norm nowadays.


inkwater t1_irbcm0z wrote


As to your point about direct donation to the charity, I agree with that method. We've done that before, donating to a food bank in Texas after they dealt with a natural disyaster.

No doubt Mike and Megan will see a veritable windfall of donations, which is exactly what they intended and wanted. I'll put my donation elsewhere.


Sariel007 OP t1_ira6nzn wrote

I don't think you are reading the same article... nowhere do they mention 50k or that only half goes to the Humane Society.

> As of noon Monday, the couple raised over $20,000.


inkwater t1_ira6y8t wrote

The text of the GoFundMe itself says they're donating half of the proposed 50K to the Naples Humane Society.


Sariel007 OP t1_ira7i8e wrote

Ah good catch as it wasn't mentioned in the article. Link to the gofundme page.

Clearly they need to keep the other half to take care of their new kitty! /s