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terpin t1_irc1aoh wrote

Black Friday exists solely to draw bargain hunters in with BS deals on premium products while forcing old inventory out.

I see way better memorial day sales on stuff than I do Black Friday - and it's on in-stock stuff I actually want to buy! I hope we can get rid of Black Friday once and for all, let people hang out with their families instead.


shaodyn t1_ircdvii wrote

People have actually been killed by Black Friday. Saw a news story about it once. A retail employee unlocked the store doors for a Black Friday sale, and the crowd knocked him down and trampled him to death.


DeusExLibrus t1_irecs6i wrote

There are deaths basically every year. Black Friday is basically peak end stage capitalism.


shaodyn t1_irefr30 wrote

Normally polite and inoffensive people literally getting into fistfights over sales that only exist to trick people into buying stuff they probably wouldn't want otherwise and sometimes even causing accidental deaths in the rush to get great bargains? Sounds like peak capitalism to me.


DontBeHumanTrash t1_irfkjip wrote

We should also be Cognizant that there are products ONLY made to be sold on black friday.

TVs are a big one, as are many kitchen appliances. Theyre made poorly to cut the costs down to where they are still making hand over fist on them at black friday prices.


Mobely t1_irf14ac wrote

I'd call it peak materialism. Or peak fomo. Or peak stupidity.

Peak end stage capitalism is being able to hold children accountable for parent's debt. Or Nestle selling premium microplastic free water. Or a payday loan place inside a casino. Or a bunch of amazon-backed instagram influencers touting how much money they made selling their spare kidneys on Amazon-Prime-Organs (comes with free 3 months of Peacock+)


Kalavazita t1_irejfur wrote

… better Memorial Day sales…

Shhhhhhhh!!!!!! 🤫



Elliott2030 t1_irby8iu wrote

Good for them! I'd love to see more of this.


Beakersoverflowing t1_irbzwz4 wrote

Yeah. Black Friday has long been a bit of an annoyance and I've never yearned for the inferior quality products companies tend to release just for the occasion.


ComfortablyNomNom t1_irc95eo wrote

Black friday has its negatives for sure. But its also called Black Friday for a reason. If it completely went away, a whole bunch of brick and morter stores would go under. Loss of jobs. Its an annoyance but removing it from our economic structure might be a huge mistake.


ElectricMooseMeat t1_irdwhib wrote

Dont be rediculous.

Black friday is a con and ppl fell for it.

Inferior products or a product that even with its discount was cheaper earlier in the year.

January cost £100 - raise it up to £300 across the year. Reduce by £150 and market a 50% off for black friday. Still £50 more expensive.


Asimpbarb t1_irdscrx wrote

This is one of the many reasons I shop here. Sure may find something cheaper elsewhere but just how they treat you, operate as a company overall makes me keep going back.


Insighteternal t1_irciv2v wrote

But, but what about all those crazy videos of people getting trampled to death that we all so enjoy? /s


billiarddaddy t1_ird4ddc wrote

Another reason to shop there. They make good stuff


Tamarind-Endnote t1_irctuk6 wrote

I'm so glad that some people are starting to see how the emphasis on Black Friday is just unhealthy at both the individual level and at the societal level. At the individual level, people literally die because of Black Friday when they might have lived if shopping were spread out more across more days of the year. The bigger a crowd, the harder it is to keep it calm and not have people trampling, crushing, or fighting one another. Then there's the burden it places on workers, who have to handle all those people and usually aren't paid anywhere near enough to take on that kind of stress.

On the larger societal level, it's bad in terms of things like land use. Parking lots are planned around handling the maximum number of customers that stores might have, so by concentrating more of the year's shopping on a single day instead of spreading it out over more of the year, stores "require" more land for parking that on every other day will just be wasted. Bigger parking lots also mean that everything else has to be farther apart, diminishing the ability to get around effectively by walking and forcing people to be more car dependent, and for all but the largest businesses, car traffic is worse for business than foot traffic.

Even if you want to keep some holiday sales, the modern incarnation of Black Friday has just become something horrible that needs to be reined in.


TBTabby t1_irdxfr0 wrote

Finally, someone strikes back at the Christmas Beast!


[deleted] t1_ire9a0a wrote



pwrstrug t1_irg993i wrote

Yes. It seems like someone dies every year from people stampeding into stores like chattel.

America hasn't lost its way. Its soul has been utterly destroyed by capitalistic black muck. Once consumers, now consumed.

I say this having never lived outside of the West. I've lived in America, London, and Ireland for a short bit. London is creeping up on this level of spiritual aberrance, and Ireland is nowhere near. I'm not sure we can ever be saved.


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Ohbuck1965 t1_irf3fwf wrote

Black Friday almost killed Randy marsh


Madmax1245 t1_irfyoxj wrote

Best place for cheap gear is the sale racks in small local outdoor shops.


Fast_Enthusiasm_6655 t1_irq020z wrote

REI: “Yay! No more stampedes of people rushing in the day after Thanksgiving!”


Illustrious_Act1207 t1_irrvst8 wrote

I liked Black Friday when it was actually Friday.

It's fucking gross to make people work on Thanksgiving day.