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[deleted] t1_irdbb76 wrote

Uhhh… doing something taboo never negated your right to vote as long as it wasn’t a felony…

Look at Alabama and all the cousin f**king voters there.

This headline (or article, I didn’t read it after the bs headline) is stupid and misleading… (insert “MiSiNfOrMaTiOn” coin phrase)


Salarian_American t1_irekjnu wrote

"Drag was taboo" is a very mealy-mouthed way of saying "Drag was illegal everywhere in the US until the 1970s"


Mtnskydancer t1_irf34bw wrote

So the group is Drag Out the Vote, and it’s a voter registration initiative. I’m all for it.


Weaselonboat t1_irgndep wrote

Ah yes drag. The amazing art of Black Face for women.