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KnightOfTheWinter t1_irix1a9 wrote

That is badass!


AroundAboutThere t1_irj1bxu wrote

Chris and his dad are super nice. He visited our school and worked out with our football team, talked to our kids with disabilities before giving a speech to the student body. He was nice and gracious and took pics with all the kids. He deserves all his success.


RickJWagner t1_irixb9i wrote

Fantastic! This is the best 'Uplifting News' I've seen in a long time.


ProfessorPetrus t1_irizh7k wrote

Meh. I've been more uplifted and pretty recently too!


RussianBot13 t1_irj22wl wrote

I bet you're fun at parties.


ProfessorPetrus t1_irj55tp wrote

I'm alright. It's helpful to deviate from speaking in overused phrases there.


hughperman t1_irj8rcz wrote

Is it helpful to be a smartass and buzzkill?


ProfessorPetrus t1_irjd07g wrote

Well I was just being sarcastic in my first comment there but going by how serious ranking uplifting news it round here, it helps bring levity.


HingleMcCringle_ t1_irjlvfa wrote

This will help in future endeavors


It's not easy to tell what is sarcastic without a spoken tone.


sheisbreasts t1_irkije0 wrote

Meh, I've seen more effective and funnier sarcasm.

Plus, this news is so fluffy it doesn't need levity


blu02 t1_irkky0c wrote

Phrases won't go away as long as there's poopers


sanguwan t1_irivxzv wrote

Good for him! I actually saw this guy riding his bike the day of the championship. My wife and I were sitting in the turn lane at Queen K and he rode by with his assistant. His assistant was talking him through which gear to use and encouraging him to keep pushing. We were wondering if he completed the championship. It's good to hear he did.


pomewawa t1_irjcyuf wrote

Wow, per Wikipedia he trained 4-8 hrs a day for a year!!


wordyplayer t1_irkptny wrote

Ironman racing is a huge life commitment. I know a guy that does Ironman's and all his spare time is running or biking or swimming


Thats_him t1_irkz66h wrote

Can confirm. I've done 2 half's and 1 full Ironman. At the peak of training I was spending 14-18 hours a week either running, biking, swimming or lifting. After I completed my full last year I decided it wasn't fair to my wife or family to spend all of that free time training for another. I'm proud to say I've done it but honestly life is more complete and fulfilling being involved with my family in my free time.


Aleriya t1_irmtbog wrote

One of the symptoms of Down Syndrome is weakness and poor muscle tone. Everyone who completes an Ironman has to train very hard, but this guy probably had to train even harder.


TurrPhennirPhan t1_irjgvs3 wrote

Not mentioned in the title: after finishing, he immediately proposed to his girlfriend. >!She said “yes”.!<


txteebone t1_irk05q3 wrote

Not quite right. I think that they later reported that it is a promise ring and his girlfriend is a 16 yo special olympian that is also involved in triathlons.


Aalnius t1_irkbpp5 wrote

seems sus then if hes 23 dating a 16 yr old kid.


say592 t1_irkfjsk wrote

I had that initial reaction as well, but then again, he has a developmental disability so I guess it's not quite the same? Like he's not mentally a 23 year old, nor is he living his life the same way a 23 year old would be typically.


2absMcGay t1_irki0ko wrote

I work very closely with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This relationship is not appropriate. Ever.


weelamb t1_irm0p41 wrote

Can you please elaborate, 2absMcGay?


txteebone t1_irmums2 wrote

My bet is that all their parents are supportive and that their dates are chaperoned.


BackIn2019 t1_irm6gc9 wrote

>Like he's not mentally a 23 year old

By that reasoning, isn't his 16 year old "girlfriend" with developmental disabilities even younger mentally, making that relationship even more problematic?


chevyfried t1_irkgp3o wrote

Before anyone whips out the pitchforks, let's not forget the benefit of the doubt. He trains hours a day, has a support structure and a serious mental handicap. If I were to guess his life is not filled with scanning high schools and statutory rape. I'm not saying if we break it down to just the bare bone fact of a 23 yo dating a 16yo isn't frowned upon, but maybe this is that 1 out if a million wxception where no crimes are being committed and they are happy. I could totally be wrong, but just for a minute let's hope I'm not.


DrMangosteen t1_irl53lf wrote

"Hmmm. Considering the implications of this personally makes me uncomfortable so I say we allow it"


BackIn2019 t1_irkbg22 wrote

He's 23, she's 16.


[deleted] t1_irkg6rr wrote



2absMcGay t1_irki4qj wrote

No it doesn't. I work with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It's not appropriate by anyone's standards.


bogusVisitor t1_irjee95 wrote

I don't cry, but that made me. Note: Down's syndrome is obvious, so people are perceived as learning-disabled, but you get the whole range from no eye contact to "a bit slow but normal", basically the same intelligence & reactions as anyone else, but noticeably slower, which is nothing. It's not a particularly severe - in fact, usually pretty light - you won't be doing a maths degree, you will be average, but the main reason you'll be on benefits is cos it's visible. Autism is on average far more severe, but you're seen as normal so you're expected to get a job.


weaglebeagle t1_irjp8wh wrote

It's amazing how much progress has been made in helping people who have Downs syndrome to live full lives. I had a great aunt who had Downs and was born in the 50s, my grandmother told me they didn't expect her to live to 20. She only passed a few years ago. She was pretty severely disabled but was such a bright spot in our family. I only wish she'd been born later just because she'd have benefited from better care for her condition.


gurganator t1_irix3l4 wrote



I_like_cool_shit_yo t1_irj8bwj wrote



12kdaysinthefire t1_irjh8yh wrote

That’s fucking rad man, good for him. That challenge is ridiculous.


bookworm725 t1_irjlvo0 wrote

Chris is an astonishing young man. He spoke over Zoom to our company. I really like his 1% challenge. Check him out here:


Madmax1245 t1_irjjyxr wrote

Oh man. I couldn’t hold it together watching that video. What a guy


iTwango t1_irjpc5r wrote

That's awesome!!!


blatterbeast t1_irjpjxm wrote

It is awesome when people break new barriers. Everyone has potential. Don't discount anyone's ability.

Also, this is how people-centered titles should be written.


DaveinOakland t1_irjzrwj wrote

And here I am hurting my knee taking out the trash.


juice_made t1_irk32bs wrote

Does Down syndrome also affect your physical abilities somehow ? Because otherwise it’s not surprising that a person suffering from this could manage to finish it.


GrossoGGO t1_irk9vb0 wrote

Yes, heart defects and joint laxity that would affect an individual's overall fitness and ability to perform strenuous activities are common among individuals with trisomy 21/Down Syndrome.


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Rectal_Fungi t1_irjn7e2 wrote

Well he does have the strength of 10 men.


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JesseB342 OP t1_irl9k5n wrote

You know whenever I hear people going on about how there’s still rampant bigotry in the world I don’t want to believe it. Then I see comments like this and it reminds me just how ignorant people can be.


Rectal_Fungi t1_irlez3i wrote

In the good ol days of pre-2015, yes. Now you'd call it reddit strength or something.


Ruthless4u t1_irkkw5d wrote

Great news

A lot of hard work pays off


Uerwol t1_irky22y wrote

God damn ninjas cutting onions


TommyT2RT t1_irl1ybf wrote

Awesome! You are amazing!


Cramerica26 t1_irl67s8 wrote

I think this is fucking awesome


Happy-Idi-Amin t1_irlb8fg wrote

Plot twist: he's playing the long game to throw off the women who are getting suspicious.


fresh_dan t1_irlkg3h wrote

15.5 hours straight what a badass


Rude-Scholar-469 t1_irr48r9 wrote

16:31:27, out of a 17:00:00 time limit. Dude did well. He beat 50 people to the finish line.


HelloRMSA t1_irltp63 wrote

The 16 year old he was hugging and kissing on though....


dumczak t1_irm9gg9 wrote

I would like to point out that this is his first Ironman World Champs finish. He already had a full Ironman finish under his belt. Absolute inspiration of a man!


Fast_Enthusiasm_6655 t1_irpzom3 wrote

Proof that even people with Down’s Syndrome can make great achievements. 👍


CookInKona t1_irk8f5q wrote

Maybe the only positive thing about the event this year.... For real, fuck IM and fuck what they do to their host locations.... It's world championship day today and our town has to enjoy the privilege of being shut down and most locals make less money than usual during this "great for our economy event" because of how stingy the athletes are and the fact that they are not here to support the community or experience it even, just to race... Fuck all that

Good for this kid, but this event is not uplifting in any way


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DotKill t1_irl8eiy wrote

He has a developmental disability so it's okay for him to date kids /s

Edit: classic reddit. Bring on the downvotes cause you're alright with a 23 year old dating a 16 year old. Multiple people in the thread who work with people like this are saying this is absolutely inappropriate, but go off lmao


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stillcallinoutbigots t1_irjzyfh wrote

Just went through your history trying to figure out what type of troll you are. I got good news for you and bad news for you.

The good news is you’re not a troll. The bad news is you might be bipolar. If you’re able to you should look into seeing a psychiatrist for a diagnosis if you haven’t already.

Take your medication even when you don’t want to, you’ll be happier and more stable in the long run.


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SJ_RED t1_irk5m47 wrote

Have you ever heard about the Backfire Effect? Keep going, the militant veganism is working out just great for you so far.