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pomewawa t1_irjcyuf wrote

Wow, per Wikipedia he trained 4-8 hrs a day for a year!!


wordyplayer t1_irkptny wrote

Ironman racing is a huge life commitment. I know a guy that does Ironman's and all his spare time is running or biking or swimming


Thats_him t1_irkz66h wrote

Can confirm. I've done 2 half's and 1 full Ironman. At the peak of training I was spending 14-18 hours a week either running, biking, swimming or lifting. After I completed my full last year I decided it wasn't fair to my wife or family to spend all of that free time training for another. I'm proud to say I've done it but honestly life is more complete and fulfilling being involved with my family in my free time.


Aleriya t1_irmtbog wrote

One of the symptoms of Down Syndrome is weakness and poor muscle tone. Everyone who completes an Ironman has to train very hard, but this guy probably had to train even harder.