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Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_irsstsk wrote

"The city of Monterrey will initiate its green corridors plan with the Parque Lago project in the northern part of the metropolis, informed the municipality's Parks and Green Corridors System.

The plan seeks to integrate a solution that combats the climate emergency, as well as the inequalities produced by the lack of green urban infrastructure.

The Parks and Green Corridors System has 18 other park projects, totaling 94 hectares of rehabilitated parks and more than 73 kilometers of complete streets with extreme tree planting.

These projects are expected to add more than 20,000 native trees to the municipal tree inventory.

This is the first major project of the Green Agreement for Monterrey. The objective of the Parque Lago project is to generate a quality public space that functions as a detonator of urban, environmental, social and economic improvement, considering integrating activities to attract more diverse users, rehabilitating pre-existing hydrological resources and improving the infrastructure and equipment of the park in conjunction with its respective green corridor connection," said Laura Ballesteros Mancilla, secretary of Sustainable Urban Development.

The Lake Park project consists of 8 hectares of green public space and its specific objectives are to generate environmental services such as water and carbon capture, as well as to combat extreme heat in the area, in addition to improving access to green and recreational areas for the surrounding population and the municipality.

The project is expected to include more than 800 new native trees and directly benefit a population of 120,000 inhabitants. This is also one of the first actions of the City's Extreme Heat Office.

For this first stage of construction of Parque Lago, Zone 1 will be developed, where there will be areas for early childhood with high quality games and furniture, contemplation areas with rest furniture, and areas equipped with picnic and chess tables. Work on the first stage will be completed during the first week of November.

The next stage to be built, currently under bidding, is Zone 2, which includes a multipurpose court, basketball courts, a children's court, a pentathlon area, an outdoor gymnasium and other programs under review such as a skate park and a dog park."


Mobius_Peverell t1_irt4doj wrote

From the perspective of an outsider who doesn't speak Spanish, Monterrey really seems to be setting a high bar for government effectiveness. That metro system is a tremendous accomplishment.


epelle9 t1_irt5ioi wrote

Then you realize we only started doing this when we started seeing heavy draughts, so next year we won’t have water to water them.

And that we still allow corporations to pollute as much as they want.

Its definitely one of the best governed and most efficient cities in Mexico, but that isn’t saying much..


A_R_K_S t1_irtf6tr wrote

More like “then you realize this plan is an exact copy of one part of a massive plan provided to multiple subnational & national governments by the UNCCC”. This is exactly what so many cities across America are doing & they’re all centered around the years 2030, 2035 & 2050.


sc4s2cg t1_iruovwv wrote

That sounds pretty awesome


IslandDoggo t1_iruxrc8 wrote

America caused this grief for the globe with their greed it is the least they can do really


sc4s2cg t1_irvoofw wrote

Oh. I assumed by America they were referring to the two continents.


doublehelixman t1_irtbtnl wrote

Yup, came here to say that this was probably in response to their terrible draught this summer.


Deceptichum t1_irv36j9 wrote

Wouldn’t them doing this be a good thing by improving ground water gain through green spaces?


Tobar_the_Gypsy t1_irvqx3c wrote

Doesn’t planting trees help prevent droughts though?


PsiVolt t1_irw13vx wrote


but planting new trees that require lots of water to grow... during a drought... that doesn't add up


dovahart t1_irum811 wrote

Lmao, commented almost the same. Corporations suck, and this is from an MBA lmao


dovahart t1_irum4bl wrote

It has its ups and downs.

Monterrey’s population lacks water because of industrial operations, to the point they have enough water to shower twice a week (depends on zone). Income disparity is insane, as well, and the richer zones have better services and utilities. On the other hand, it’s a quite rich zone with lots of innovation and industry clusters.

In other words: sucks for you if you are poor lol


j_rge_alv t1_irw3s1b wrote

San petrinos use more water combined than the rest of the city yet they didn’t experienced cuts as often.


vacacow1 t1_irw79a0 wrote

Well Monterrey is usually fighting for the top spot in pollution, because of lack of green spaces.


kerelberel t1_irwphsb wrote

Why is their metro system noteworthy?


Mobius_Peverell t1_irwprfx wrote

It was built extremely quickly & inexpensively, and seems to serve its purpose very well.


YellowWizard99 t1_irsyfeq wrote

This actually sounds effective. Rather than just creating new taxes and hoping that helps.


Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_irszi6v wrote

I know! I have no idea what is going on in my city, but for some reason we seem to be having, since I can remember, a semi-working government that is actually trying to do stuff.

They are also planning on building 3 new metro lines and a train to combat traffic, which is something I never thought they would ever address, let alone actively plan on combatting.


SilverNicktail t1_irt43l6 wrote

Wow, congrats. Seeing progress after years of stalemate is always super satisfying. Hope it continues for you.

Up here in Vancouver we're continuing to expand the transit system (which to be fair is actually a pretty good transit system), but the city design is still extremely car-centric. It's starting to change in some districts, though, with the city experimenting with replacing sidewalks to aid with water retention and stop the risk of flooding.


Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_irt4xca wrote

It's funny since my city (Monterrey) is often made fun of for being "Americanized" and being car-centric, but we have almost 6 million people yet have the same Urban Sprawl as Austin, which has less than half our population.

A comment that stuck with me was that we are doing poorly in walkability, my city is still much closer to Paris or Amsterdam than to Los Angeles or most cities in America.


FragWall t1_irvo3xu wrote

That's great! Best wishes to you and your country.


epelle9 t1_irt69qz wrote

As someone from Monterrey, what we actually need is increasing taxes depending on how much a company pollutes.

They allow corporations to pollute as much as possible, and then spend tax dollars on green spaces when we don’t have enough water to maintain them.

Last dry season people were having their water cut for multiples days at a time. With our water shortages, all this means is next year we’ll be giving water to plants instead of giving it to people.

We need accountability from companies that pollute freely and not just surface level solutions that waste valuable resources barely treating the symptoms.


Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_irt917k wrote

Isn’t agriculture the main source of water waste?


epelle9 t1_irt98om wrote

Yeah, we need accountability for our agricultural water waste too.


jbarrera03 t1_irt5x9r wrote

Wasn't there a water shortage issue recently, how will this watered?


Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_irt83ob wrote

Fortunately heavy rains finally filled the reservoirs somewhat, ending the drought for about half a year.

This is actually why they plan on planting the streets, as they want to stop the pollution present in the city, and have more walkable areas to reduce the use of cars.


imontatooine t1_iruk98x wrote

And I totally think having more walkable area will really have a positive outcome. My mom walks whenever she can and I know if there was a way for her to safely walk to like the Liverpool close to her she'd walk all the time. Then there'd be no stopping her from shopping...


emiel_vt t1_irw18zl wrote

The benefits go much further than that. Living in a greener city makes people more happy.


hedleyazg t1_irujc35 wrote

Adding trees and their detritus that falls helps the ground absorb and hold moisture for longer periods.


fleegz2007 t1_irtuiu0 wrote

My wife comes from a city called Apizaco. When she was a teenager a guy ran for office under the slogan “Apizaco verde”! Saying green Apizaco, this guy dreamt up big plans to bring fresh trees and grass to the urban areas of Apizaco.

My man was elected governor, amassed great funding for his Apizaco verde initiative, and then basically set up cement centerlines in the middle of the main roads and painted them lime green. Somehow amassed a great amount of money on the side to build the only top of class mall in Apizaco.

Nothing to do with this story, but still thought it was fun to share.

Edit: For anyone curious, I found this pic online of what the centerlines look like


stars_mcdazzler t1_iru3x7s wrote

"The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

The second best time to plant one is today."

Better late then never I guess.


UnluckyDrink t1_iru9ngi wrote

Or we could just stop a handful of mega corporations from destroying the earth with impunity. That would also work.


IdiAmeme t1_irt3z70 wrote

It’s Monterrey for the people that came into the comments to find that out.


121PB4Y2 t1_irwbh1c wrote

For the ones who can’t recognize the big ass mountain in the thumbnail.


joakims t1_irvcilt wrote

That's very nice for the local environment (for birds, bees and humans), but please don't tell me it's to "combat climate change". That's some BS, planting trees doesn't compensate for all the pollution we keep producing.

It doesn't have to be about climate change to be a good thing. Why not just say you're planting trees for the environment? That's more than enough reason!


SidewinderTV t1_irwdlf1 wrote

It is to combat climate change, just not in the way you're thinking.

Planting trees helps with rising temperatures in urban environments.


joakims t1_is056n7 wrote

That makes more sense. Thanks for telling me I was wrong :)


raven_snow t1_irvoeag wrote

  1. Thanks for sharing, this is making me feel really hopeful. 2. I had no idea that México's second largest city was Monterrey! I'm learning all sorts of things today.

mikedorty t1_irud7yk wrote

Anyone else read the title as 18" green corridors and think that couldn't possibly help much?


wottsinaname t1_irv1uej wrote

The article says its 94 hectares. This will be the equivalent of a fart in the wind for combating climate change.

Especially when you consider that these parks arent natural parks but architecturally designed spaces. There will be tonnes of concrete used in the project which isnt exactly environmentally friendly.

Its good PR for the city though.


Doc_Breen t1_irv5sw9 wrote

for this to be effective the whole city needs to be covered in trees, not only 18 streets.


collapsingwaves t1_irvm4fk wrote

This is good news, but it will not be very effective at tackling climate change


SidewinderTV t1_irwdmqj wrote

It is to combat climate change, just not in the way you're thinking.

Planting trees helps with rising temperatures in urban environments.


collapsingwaves t1_irwyqt7 wrote


It helps enormously with local temperatures, is to be applauded, supported, celebrated and really ought to be standard urban, and suburban planning.

It is not however combating climate change in any meaningful sense.


RDO_Desmond t1_is0ei4m wrote

How so? Republicans in the U.S. continue to mock climate change and resist any attempts to transition away from fossil fuels. They don't even give a damn about clean water. Laura Ingram encourages the continued use of plastic and mocks all who warn about what it is doing to our water, including the oceans.


Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_is26ufv wrote

I don’t care about Republicans and don’t know who Laura Ingram is.

Take your American politics elsewhere.


RDO_Desmond t1_is2bpgp wrote

Last time I checked we're all on the same planet. Glad Monterey is planting trees.


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R3quiemdream t1_irth9h8 wrote

Mostly worried about water supplies, but hell yeah, lets go Mexico


Spascucci t1_irutuxl wrote

There áre important hydric projects for the city also under construction, the Cuchillo 2 acueduct just Started construction and the Libertad Dam its going to finish construction next year, this 2 projects áre expected yo guarantee the water supply for Monterrey for the next 10 years and also there áre other 2 hydric projects at planning stage the Monterrey VI project that involves extracting water from the Pánuco river for the city and a desalinization plant project


DeTrotseTuinkabouter t1_irvriyu wrote

This should be 'to combat the effects of climate change'. This is negligible in terms of carbon capture.


j_rge_alv t1_irw49tx wrote

We did need more parks lol. Parque fundidora is so full you can barely walk on weekends.


LuckyTrain4 t1_irxq3jc wrote

This is the other “Green Infrastructure” that we need.


samsounder t1_irui8kv wrote

We CAN win this fight, but we need to realize this is the biggest fight in human history. Then we need to gear up


RDO_Desmond t1_irtrupz wrote

They understand more than the Republicans in the U.S.


Chucolate915 t1_iruucb8 wrote

Lmao if you hate republicans you are really going to hate people from Monterrey


Wandering_Mobiler OP t1_iruvq5b wrote

Yeah we’re VERY conservative for US standards, or at least people in my immediate circle


Chucolate915 t1_iruzdwb wrote

I have always said. If republicans could build their own city it would look like Monterey.


121PB4Y2 t1_irwbzfs wrote

Right down to the closed down steel foundry!

My sweet Jenny I’m sinking down, here darling in New Lioooooonnnnnnn


Chucolate915 t1_irwojmj wrote

Funny. Because Monterrey is the most affluent and well run city in Mexico and I will argue in the top 5 in Latin America.

Or course the conservatism in the area also has its downsides. Classism and racism is rampant in MY


121PB4Y2 t1_irwxrqk wrote

Yup. But I will say that the possibilities to “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” are enough to make any republican salivate like a labrador retriever looking at a Pop Tart. There are few cities in the country where being poor is a choice. If you want a job in MTY, you can get it, as long as you can show up on time and sober to a factory 5-6x a week.


RDO_Desmond t1_irw3nr7 wrote

I don't believe that hating others is right. Just because I view republicans as being bad stewards of our planet, the economy and people, it does not mean that I hate them. Rather, it means that I view them as unfit to represent us in any capacity.


Chucolate915 t1_irzf05l wrote

Yet Monterrey has become the most affluent city in Mexico with those same republican and conservative view points you despise lmao


stephenforbes t1_irvu84d wrote

I don't think 18 trees are going to do much.


FinalScourge t1_iruamgt wrote

Too little too late in my opinion