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KlondikeDrool t1_iru54ik wrote

TL/DR: this cost of living adjustment (COLA) is automatic, based on annual inflation. It will definitely be a welcome relief for those dependent on Social Security, but the only reason COLA is so high is because inflation over the past year has been so miserably high.

As per the article:

"while the expected COLA is generous, it is just a catch-up for many older Americans who are often more impacted by price hikes caused by inflation, especially grandparents taking care of grandkids"


kouassikofi t1_irued77 wrote

Great idea but needs to be tied to other reforms or like many government plans it can cause some unique oversights. My younger brother (adult age) is mentally and physically disabled. He draws SSI. He lives in a full care group home. His benefits increased another 1000$ from this. Only problem is his cap was not increased. If he has more than 2000$ in his name he can be unenrolled. We have to spend the money as quick as it comes in just to keep him eligible for his services. I know, hardly a problem people want to hear about. Too much money. But in his unique case it is both extremely stressful as he could lose access to the care he needs and it is a bit wasteful as we keep making unnecessary expenditures with money that could be helping someone else. Last week we bought a new mattress even though the old one was fine. Ended up donating the old one.


KlondikeDrool t1_iruhk55 wrote

Wow, that's classic government shortsightedness. Index some amounts to inflation while others are frozen in time forever. Eventually the asset cap will be smaller than the monthly benefit if our fine politicians don't get their act together and fix it. Good luck with that one, I feel your pain!


mushy_beans t1_irus7c4 wrote

If he was disabled before age 26, he is eligible for an ABLE account allowing you to save an additional $100,000 without affecting SSI or Medicaid eligibility. It has some restrictions on how it can be used but they're very reasonable, it's a great asset.


kouassikofi t1_iruv0uq wrote

Thanks. I will look in to that. It looks like his SSI can be put in directly as well. As my parents get older his primary guardianship is passing to me. It is a bit overwhelming.


DialUpInternet4Life t1_iruouaw wrote

Same with putting some out of qualifying for food stamps or assistance with heating/cooling.


OgnokTheRager t1_irw8uc4 wrote

I feel that in this case it's not "too much money". It's like you said, they don't increase the cap to correspond to the real world. My wife doesn't work and while I make decent money in a general sense, our cost of living is so stupid high due to where we live we barely scrape by. But we can't qualify for government assistance programs or subsidized schooling for my son because we "make too much money"


i_LoveLola t1_irvub0a wrote

I know I'm late to the party but the same thing happens with my mentally disabled cousin. My aunt & uncle send him to see his mom in Florida once a year and also buy stuff he doesn't need just to burn through that money. Makes zero sense.


oldcreaker t1_iru8r1u wrote

It will also take a little sting out of watching 401k's evaporate, but it won't come close to making up for it.


Informal_Self_5671 t1_irt93g7 wrote

Another reason republicans will try to torpedo it.


BlurryBigfoot74 t1_irtbfl2 wrote

They love beating up on the poor. Welfare takes billions of tax dollars out of rich people's pockets.

I remember a while back there was a push on social media to have all people on welfare drug tested. A few politicians even picked up on it.

Then someone did the math. It would have cost a lot of money in tests to catch a small sliver of people. You don't hear it being pushed as hard anymore. Expect for the ones who just can't do math.


Mattstream t1_irvz9gh wrote

Billionaires do not get taxed like the middle and lower class does. Take 32% from a billionaire he still makes millions a month.


RickJWagner t1_irucvwy wrote

Democrats currently control both houses of Congress and the White House.
An ideal time to really fix Social Security? Will they do it?


Extreme_Ad6519 t1_irvfus7 wrote

That a party controlling both chambers of Congress and the Chief Executive Office (presidency) means they can pass whatever bills they like is a misconception, especially on the federal level, mainly due to two reasons.

  1. internal disagreements within the majority party (the smaller your majorities in Congress are, the more problematic this becomes)

  2. Senate filibuster (a procedural hurdle which requires 60 instead of 51 votes to end debate on any legislative business)

And currently, Democrats have a razor-thin majority in the House and Senate while Republicans can block any bills from even being considered in the Senate by filibustering.


RealAgent t1_irug208 wrote

No neither side ever fix anything. But they both get terribly rich.


DeusExLibrus t1_is25d06 wrote

Democrats have tried to fix plenty of things, but they routinely get blocked by Republicans. Both parties are garbage, don’t truly represent the people, and should have been replaced long ago, but only one of them actively blocks the government from doing anything, and it’s not the Democrats.


Hefforama t1_irtofx3 wrote

If the Dems found a way to cure cancer, the Trumpublicans would automatically be against it.


imperiects t1_irtw77b wrote

They would be against it. If Joe could complete a sentence or even a thought he would manage to fuck it up.

Kamala would probably sale the patent to N. Korea. Since we have such a healthy alliance with them.


[deleted] t1_iru0l74 wrote



woundedbearhair t1_iru7px3 wrote

It’s just a script they go off of…it’s most likely translated from another language since it contains grammatical errors.


Khaldara t1_irum1th wrote

Step 1: Claim Biden can’t complete a sentence or a thought without fucking it up.

Step 2: Fail to type literally their very next sentence without fucking it up.

Man, good thing Boebert wants to get rid of the department of education. Otherwise they might accidentally find that embarrassing.


News_Cartridge t1_irujrnl wrote

Wait... didn't trump say they fell in love through a letter Kim Jong Un wrote to him?


Hefforama t1_is2usif wrote

Trumpublicans are dicks, forever repeating the same mindless propaganda dictated by Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda channel. Duh!


SirGlenn t1_irugdx7 wrote

October 13, 3 days from now, Social Security Administration will release the COLA numbers for 2023.


RickJWagner t1_irucrpb wrote

Write to your representatives in Congress and demand that they fix Social Security NOW.


shitposts_over_9000 t1_irw823n wrote

You need to be more clear than that. Tell them your want higher payments now or a system that will still be solvent in 40 years. Both are being listed as the solution by different parties.

Everybody agrees it needs fixed, nobody agrees on what fixed means.


DeusExLibrus t1_is25s7v wrote

Everyone except Republicans who don’t want anything done I’m guessing.


shitposts_over_9000 t1_is2cmsb wrote

Republicans are usually the ones in support of limiting spending to within the program budget.


leftistpropaganja t1_irvww9m wrote

This is great for the people on Social Security, but for those of us who are paying in, and have been for decades, it's also a bit unnerving and frustrating to see this increase.

How long before the 'conservative' wing of our political system kills it for good, erasing any hope Gen X, Gen Z, Millenials and Zoomers have of ever collecting on the money we have all been paying in since our first jobs?

Better get the solvency of this program figured out, Uncle Sam, or the whole thing threatens to collapse and explode like a flaming building in a Michael Bay movie.


dmccrostie t1_irw3ys2 wrote

As long as the reds can sell it as “an entitlement” forgetting that it’s an insurance program, the may be successful. The blues need to change the conversation.


BeastOGevaudan t1_irvx6an wrote

And they will turn around and raise the cost of Medicare to match.


Calm_chor t1_irvn6w1 wrote

NGL, for a minute there I read that as a "Social" security boost and was like, Yeah who wouldn't love a boost on their Social Media.


adampsyreal t1_irxa61u wrote

A few generations from now; it seems believable that Bitcoin might be relied upon for retirement.


mostlyfecalmatter t1_iruoh1g wrote

Step 1: Dollar milkshake Step 2: Perimeter foreign currency collapse Step 3: Print last fiat cycle for re-election. Step 4: Move constituents to CBDC Step 5: Unknown...


Nostradamaus_2000 t1_iru753k wrote

boost! it is no boost and I get it. It is a joke and it should be 16% a year . ppfft Democrat's keep giving themselves massive raises