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Gwolfski t1_irw0pxl wrote

No more replacing batteries in the wireless doorbell if it's windy outisde? Neat.


5kyl3r t1_irwi6cy wrote

not even remotely close to possible unfortunately. 15x25 cm is not small. and yet this thing only puts out 290 millionths of a watt. a single normal AA battery can put out 2-3 watts peak power. 290 vs 2,000,000. it would take 2 years to charge a AA battery with this thing if that puts into perspective how minuscule the output is


jsphillips86 t1_irwwfth wrote

I have a smart doorbell and got tired of bringing it in and charging it for hours, then putting it back. I put a solar panel on it this week.


Cykablast3r t1_irw3jy8 wrote

What's the use case here?


Allmightydohllah t1_irw5lxd wrote

One could power your doorbell or a traffic sensor so imagine several of these and as they get more efficient they can power more


BinniesPurp t1_irxs6t8 wrote

Not 290milliwatts but 290 microwatts

A doorbell would need 20-30 of them which would be the size of a room lol


markatlnk t1_iryp8n1 wrote

As someone that teaches EE, 290 uW is more than enough to run a door bell. I have have microprocessor designs that have been running 21+ years on a single CR2477 battery with a 1 amp hour capacity. That is only taking 16 uW. You use a capacitor to store energy and use just a bit when someone pushes the door bell.

These units are based on an MSP430 processor with a 915Mhz transmitter. They do sleep 99.9x% of the time. Wake up every second for 50uS and once every 10 minutes for 0.25S when they need to transmit.


BinniesPurp t1_ish2uu9 wrote

Sorry, to clarify I ment the speaker, not the sensor / button lol


Cykablast3r t1_irw6kus wrote

Could both of those things not easily be connected to the grid? Seems like this would just add complexity where it isn't needed.


CompteDeMonteChristo t1_irw8y25 wrote

It seems to be really small energy. To me it is specifically for case where it is remote and changing battery is painful. A bit like a small solar panel.


5kyl3r t1_irwj7br wrote

not true, 290 microwatts is useless. 15x20cm isn't even small. a 15x20cm solar panel would be able to do around 6 watts. (assuming 20% efficiency cells). an equivalent area solar panel would be 20,000x more powerful. which is why this is article is pointless


Scodo t1_irwuysj wrote

Just enough to power the sensor measuring how much electricity it's generating, but not enough to tell you what it measured.


Zawn-_- t1_irw2n2z wrote

Hear me out, what if we created a fan that could produce winds of 2 m/s but only used 2 volts to power it? Infinite entergy? I think so.

Edit: yes this is sarcasm.


ledow t1_irwbilz wrote

Or you could just use a cheap off-the-shelf, no-moving parts battery that'll supply 290μW for... well... years. Potentially decades.

A CR2032 delivers ~225mAh at 3V. That's 675 mWh. Or 290μW for... 2327h or 3 months (if you're running it full blast at the stated 290μW all that time). From a single cheap battery.

Put a couple of AAs in there and you can run it for decades.

And it's a damn sight smaller than 15 x 20cm.


5kyl3r t1_irwjeq7 wrote

and a 15x20 cm solar panel can do 6 watts with 20% efficiency cells. 20x more powerful than this original articles "device" lol. these breakthrough stories are getting worse by the year


KeaboUltra t1_irxdfer wrote

Can you blow air into it to produce energy?


iPod3G t1_iryyif4 wrote

I don’t need a sensor to tell me I’m watching a commercial. Any other uses?


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